About Me

When I realized that I was turning 30 something inside my brain said "stop and domesticate yourself". I bought crochet hooks and a sewing machine. I went from thinking about how drunk I could get to how large a quilt I could make. I stopped wondering when the next exciting thing in my life was going to happen (not that I don't do anything exciting anymore) and started worrying about wrinkles and adult acne. I started saying things like "I remember when" and "I'm too old for that shit". I'm looking forward to menopause, regretting very little from my past, and moving forward with my after 30 life.

Facts About Me

 - I've been with my husband for almost 10 years.
 - I'm a gun owner
 - I buy things I don't need and my husband enables me.
 - I'm fat, happy, and I love myself.
 - I have a very comfortable life and am afforded the option of not working, which I take advantage of.
 - I'm a Republican but detest the parties views on abortion and gay rights.
 - I've only been married for, just under, 4 years.
 - I was raised in a religious household but haven't been to church in a while. That does not mean I don't believe in God.
 - I do not hold my tongue.
 - I'm a pessimist and I always will be. 

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