Saturday, November 23, 2013

House/Dog Sitter Needed

I'm hoping by putting this out there I might get a bite or two.

My husband and I love to travel but it's impossible to do so together when you've got amazing animals at home that need care. We would take them with us but we're not in a position right now to spend thousands of dollars on an RV that would fit us all. So if you stumble across this and you fit the bill, or you know someone that does, please direct them here.

I'm looking for someone who wants a great job and a free place to live all at the same time. You sit at my house and let my dogs out while we're on vacation.

The requirements are:
- Willing to relocate to Southern Utah
- Single and over 21with no outside the home obligations. (This means no job, no school, nothing. I want you in my home 24/7)
- Married and only one person works outside the home.
- No children
- No pets
- References, personal and professional
- Willing to submit to a background and credit check

What I'm offering.
- A fully furnished 100+ sq foot room, not including the closet and bath, with a private bath and walk in closet.
- Access to 1400 sq ft of home at all times.
- Free rent plus pay
- All expenses paid (utilities, wifi, basic cable, phone, food (unless you've got some weird or expensive eating habits) literally everything.)
- If things work out, and the economy doesn't completely crash leaving everyone jobless, job security until all my lovely dogs have passed. (My dogs are only 3 so we've got 12 or so years)
- Need I say more?

Some things you need to know about me and my husband.
- We are very Conservative, politically.
- We're both smokers and we drink on occasion.
- We won't always be gone but that doesn't mean we can't work something out while we're home so that you still make money.
- We're what some would call gun nuts.
- We're not shy about our feelings and we're not willing to hide what we're thinking.

I realize that it's probably going to be impossible to find someone through my blog, since it's quite small, but I figure if I put this out there I might get a bite.

If this sounds like something you're interested in leave me a comment or email me at contactmrsalicia at gmail dot com.