Friday, June 28, 2013

Things I Believe

This post has some controversial profanity. Please be advised that you may not like me after you read this.

I just wanted to do a quick post about things I believe in. It's after 1 in the morning and for some reason my brain has been fixed on this subject for the past little while. Aside from #1, and #2, there is no specific order. I am going to list them in an order but understand that the first two are the most important.

#1 - I believe in God the eternal Father and in his son Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost. Some people may not know that I'm LDS. While I haven't physically been to church in quite a while I still believe, whole heartedly, in the teachings of the Gospel.
#2 - I believe my husband to be one of the most inspirational people in the entire world. He lost his leg when he was seven and there's nothing on this planet that can stop him. Along these lines I believe I'm the luckiest woman in the world to have found him.
#3 - The institution of marriage is not going to be destroyed by allowing a man to marry a man or a woman to marry a women. Britney Spears took it one notch down when she married a man for less than 3 days. When you search shortest marriage on Google all but one link on the front page is related to Hollywood.
#4 - I believe we waste too much money on locking people in jail that don't deserve to be there. Why are there so many potheads in jail simply because they smoked pot? Free up that bed for the man who rapes women or the woman who killed her husband. Come on now.
#5 - I believe the Government should but out. Do we need Government? Yes. Does it need to be as big as it is today? Holy crap no.
#6 - I believe people kill people and that without people guns are giant paper weights. If guns kill people than spoons made me fat. (More)
#7 - Last I checked if you earned it it's yours to keep. Stop trying to spread the wealth. It doesn't teach anyone to do for themselves.
#8 - People who text, talk on the phone, or drive distracted need to be considered a danger to society. Slapping them on the wrist until they kill someone with their vehicle is NOT going to help them.
#9 - If women can be whores then so can men. If women can be bitches than so can men. If men can call each other dicks then why can't I call another woman a cunt without being looked at as the worst person in the world?
#10 - If you're raped, molested, or otherwise violated sexually and you get pregnant that should NOT mean that you have to keep the child or that you weren't really raped. Todd Akin I'm lookin' at you!
#11 - Too many people in this world today are highly overmedicated. I am not a doctor but when I see a child who simply can't focus the first thing I think is NOT ADHD. While I do believe it is a legitimate disease I don't think so many people actually have it.
#12 - Taking guns away from law abiding citizens is not going to make those who already obtain them illegally stop using, or obtaining, them.
#13 - If the toilet paper is on it's little holder and it's coming off the roll from the top I think you should be hanged. I know, petty, but it irritates me.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Philosophy Skincare Review

Remember me talking about buying products that I was so excited to tell you about? That excitement has all but fizzled with 2 of the products. Three days after I purchased the two Philosophy products I was aching to try, I returned them. Not only was I aching to try them my skin was aching when I put them on.

hope in a jar night
 eye hope
Photo Source: Me
Now I can't literally say my skin was aching but it did sting like a son of monkey's uncle.

A couple things about both creams. They were both very light weight so I didn't expect them to leave any filmy after effects on my face, but they did. They didn't smell great but I've used things that smelled worse so I wasn't worried about that. They weren't cheap, as you can tell by the photo above, and they have rave reviews all over the internet so I figured trying them out was worth spending the money. As I sit here thinking about having these products on my skin my face is tingling telling me "don't you dare put that crap on me again".

Note: My skin is not sensitive in the slightest. I also have normal to combination skin. Take these factors into consideration when you read my reviews.

hope in a jar night: The first night I put the this on my face was actually the best night. It tingled a little but I guess I attributed that to the product "working" on my skin. By morning the tingling had gone but my face felt filmy. Night two was horrible. I put the cream on my face and 30 minutes later I was scrubbing my face with salt to get it off. Just a note, I use a semi-abrasive salt scrub on my face on a daily basis. Me being the optimist I attempt to be (even though I'm a horrible pessimist when it comes to most things) wanted to blame the stinging on something else. So I did. After the third attempt at putting this cream on my face, however, I realized it wasn't my face or anything I'd done to cause the stinging. It was the cream itself. I read through the ingredients and couldn't figure out what might be causing the stinging.

eye hope: This one didn't make my eye area sting as badly as the hope in a jar but it did give me tingles. The thing that scared me most about this product was how ghostly my under eyes looked after applying it. It almost looked as if I'd bleached my under eye areas. I understand that one of it's purposes is to reduce the look of dark circles but it looked like I'd taken a tide to go bleach pen to my under eye area. It's also supposed to reduce puffiness and dehydration and it had the complete opposite effect on me. By morning, after the first application, my eye are was extremely dry and puffier than they were the night before.

overall: While I am glad that I tried these products I am extremely disappointed in the products themselves. If I'm being honest I'll probably never try another philosophy product again. If something supposedly so great can cause so much horror on my skin I don't want to know what their other products can do to other areas of my body.

Have you tried these products?
What did you think?

Disclaimer: I purchased these products. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are truthful and are my own.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Alicia The Lushie

I have a huge problem. This problem is an expensive problem. It's a problem that requires (I say requires because this addiction has a tight hold) me to travel hundreds of miles a couple times a month to fulfill. This problem is a Lush cosmetics problem. I cannot stop buying the stuff.

I have a 5 drawer system in my closet chalk full of products.

Bath Bombs

Bubble Bars

And a whole slue of other products.
I have such a problem addiction love for Lush products that I gave them their own space. That's right folks I created an entire blog dedicated to my addiction. I've been thinking about this for a long time and finally decided that I didn't want to clog up my blog with tons of Lush posts. If you're into Lush (and if you're not I highly suggest you looking into them) and would like to know more about products that I try please visit my new blog.  I'm also working on a YouTube channel for any Lush fans.
Click this photo to go to the blog

Monday, June 17, 2013

To Each Their Own

Did you get the chance to watch Polygamy USA on Nat Geo? No? You missed quite an interesting show.

Let me start by saying I live less than 45 miles from Hilldale, UT, Colorado City, AZ and Centennial Park, AZ. All three of these cities are inhabited by polygamist groups. In my short 31 years in this state I have known many polygamists and have come to respect them for their lifestyle. After reading a handful of posts on THIS blog about the Polygamy USA series I'm a little disgusted that they think what they're doing can be considered discussion. All they can seem to spew on and on about is how one of the fathers looks like a serial killer and the disgusting things they think they know from the media. I guess they just can't see past the fact that less than 150 yrs ago everything being practiced by polygamists was normal. "But that was 150 yrs ago. We're not the same society as we were back then." You're absolutely right but who are you to say that they can't follow the religion as it was founded far before that time?

I'm actually not here to talk about the series or about the folks on the show though. I'm going to voice my opinions on polygamy all together. While I do not agree with marriage being without love in the beginning, as is the culture of polygamy, and while I know I could not share my husband with another woman I still don't understand why so many people still have such a problem with the practice?

Is it that you don't understand the religion and why they choose to live the original intention of said religion?
Is it that you couldn't see yourself in their shoes?
Is it that you believe Warren Jeffs, and his words and practices, to be the face of polygamy? (Hint: He's not!)
Or is it that you think every one of the men are sex craved individuals who just can't stick with one woman?

One way or another your problem with polygamy is your problem. They're practicing their religion the best they know how. They're practicing what they were raised to practice. How is that wrong?

You say they're brainwashing their children. While I can't disagree completely I will say that if what they're doing is brainwashing then so is every other religion. Many people, at this point, might be saying "of course that's what I'm saying". To you I say if you're not a fan of religion and/or if what they're teaching isn't your cup of tea ... STOP LISTENING! Is it that impossible to let people live their lives the way they'd like?

Why, in today's society, does everyone have to be accepting of one thing and not another? One example is probably a touchy one. I fully support the right for anyone to marry anyone, no matter the gender similarities/differences, they so choose. If you want those who don't agree with it to accept that then why can't you at least accept that the way polygamists choose to live is their choice?

I'm quite irritated with how people jump to judgement without a single clue as to who these people truly are. They're judging them solely on the fact that they don't understand them. No matter how much they show on television it's still not the whole story. Let them practice how they choose. Who are they harming? You? I doubt it.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Ulta Haul

I'm not normally one for haul posts, or videos, but I ventured into Ulta the other day and picked up some products I am super excited to use. I'd love to hear if you've used any of these and what your thoughts are.

Covergirl Lash Blast and L'Oreal Telescopic have been my go to mascaras for quite some time now. It's not that they really made a difference in length, or bulk, but they were cheap and they worked well enough. I'm finally over them and wanted something new.

Benefit, They're Real!
Source: Me

I was going to purchase a full size but after thinking about it I decided against that. What if I didn't like it? I know it's returnable but I rarely have the drive to return things. This way, if it's less than favorable, I won't have such a huge problem getting rid of it.

I've seen this next product mentioned quite a few times on YouTube and around the blogging world in general.

Lorac 3D Liquid Lustre
Photo Source: Me
You can use this product over eyeshadow, alone on your eyes, or alone as a highlighter on your face. My only concern with the Lorac Lustre is how shimmery it is. I'll give it a try and see if it's worth it's hype.

These next 2 product are things I've been dying to try. With aging skin comes a host of problems. Darker dark circles, bags, wrinkles, and a whole slue of other problems. In an attempt to slow the aging process I turned to Philosophy.

hope in a jar night
 eye hope
Photo Source: Me
I've heard amazing things about Hope in a Jar so I thought I'd try out their night cream. I tend to like night creams better and that's why I bought that instead of the original Hope. Since Hope is not designed for the eye area I figured I'd give the Eye Hope a shot.

Every one of these products has mixed reviews and, while I do take what people say into consideration, I like to try something for myself. Everyone has different skin and what does work for someone might not work for you, and vice versa. 

Have you tried any of these products?
If so what do you think of them?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What's In My Bag

I'm a very nosy person when it comes to purses. I love checking out other's purses and seeing what they carry inside. Sometimes it's quite amazing what people can fit in there. Just for fun I'm going to show you my purse and what I carry inside it.

(This bag was a gift from my husband. He knows I've had my eye on it for years. I am, in no way, trying to brag by showing you my bag. Please don't take it as such.)

This is my purse.

It's a Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 Bandouliere. It was more expensive to get the Bandouliere but my husband insisted. Without the shoulder strap the only way to carry the bag is the arm straps. He was concerned that I would get tired of holding it on my arm and want to set it down. He's right.

This is the inside of the bag.

There's only one small pocket which I thought, at first, would make it harder to carry any amount of small items. I've actually found a way around that.

Lastly, here's what I carry inside my purse.

1 - This is the extension piece for the strap. This way I can take it from a shoulder bag to a cross body bag.
2 - A full size brush. I love having the windows down in good weather but my hair does not.
3 - My wallet, of course.
4 - A giant bag of Dentek floss picks. I have extremely tight teeth and I can feel when anything other than air is between them.
5- This is one of my "there's only one tiny pocket" solution. It's a pencil case but I keep all my extra keys in it.
6 - A full size bottle of lotion. I have horribly dry hands and I probably use this more than anything else in my purse.
7 - This is another "tiny pocket" solution. Another pencil case. Inside this one I hold:
     7a - A sample bottle of my favorite perfume. Versace Yellow Diamond.
     7b - My favorite chewing gum. Trident Layers Orchard Peach & Ripe Mango.
     7c - A tiny screw driver for my glasses.
     7d - C.O Bigelow ultra mentha lip shine. I'm not sure why this is still in here. I don't use it.
     7e - A cleansing cloth for my glasses.
     7f -  One giant to do list. I've had this since we bought our house and haven't crossed much off.
There's, obviously, also a quarter, a hair clip, a pen, and carmex in there as well but I didn't feel the need to label those. I also carry feminine hygiene products as well but I didn't think you needed to see those.

I could fit quite a bit more in my bag and that's probably why I love it so much. It's simple, holds plenty of stuff, and it's a bag I'm going to have for a very long time.

What's in your bag? (Share your post with me because I'd LOVE to snoop around your bag.)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Sewing Room Organization Ideas

Currently I'm trying to design a craft room in my home. My first order of business was to combine two bedrooms at the end of a hallway. That was easy. The contractor that built our shop offered to put a hole in the wall as long as he could keep the extra material from the build. I couldn't say yes quick enough. Flooring, and making the hole look like it's meant to be there, are the easiest part. Designing the space to maximize it's potential, keep organization at the forefront, and suit my needs is the biggest challenge. Thankfully there are millions of people who've done so before me. All I have to do is find what I like and implement it.

My design is still in it's "holy crap that's a lot of space where do I put everything" phase. At this point I've found more ideas for organization than I can think of though.

I think one of my biggest concerns was yarn storage. I crochet and, while I don't have a lot of yarn yet, I know I'm going to amass quite a bit. I found this amazing idea through Pinterest.

How amazing is this? Hang a piece of pegboard, use some hooks, wind your yarn and hang it up. It's out of the way, which is completely necessary, and yet it makes an amazing design feature. I am going to save so much space doing this.

My next issue was how to deal with all the thread I know I'm going to eventually have. Along with that are the corresponding bobbins. This next feature solves all my problems.

This shelving units solves both of those problems. When I build this, however, I'm going to make the shelves a little farther apart and make the space holding the bobbins a little bit taller. I tend to be more of a quilter and I can use up to 3 bobbins in one sitting. I like to have, at least, 2 bobbins wound before I start something. Amazing idea though, just amazing!!

As someone who sews I like fabric. I love looking at it and, unfortunately for my husband, I love buying it. Right now I'm storing fabric on hangers. It's working perfectly but I'm worried that one day I'll run out of space. I have plenty of shelf space but don't want to just lay fabric on a shelf. Enter making my own fabric bolts.

From each piece of foam board from Home Depot this woman created 8 fabric bolts. The best part of these DIY fabric bolts is that you can pin directly into them. I LOVE IT!!

Along with crocheting and sewing I'm also a scrapbooker. As such I own a cricut and quite a few cricut cartridges (or carts). The come in bulky boxes that take up too much space, in my opinion. I was having a hard to convincing myself to buy a storage solution that was pre made. Thank goodness someone came up with something much cheaper that holds as much as you'd like it to.

This could work for so many things in, and out, of the craft room.

I'm still working on my organizational tools but I think I'm off to a good start.

Do you have a craft room?
What are some of your storage essentials for said craft room?
Even if you don't have a craft room what are some great DIY storage ideas you can give me?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lake Powell & Birthdays

My husband and I are huge fans of Lake Powell. Yesterday we went up to spend the day on the lake. It was a beautiful day and we had every intention of sitting on our boat, on the lake, all day. What happened instead?


We sat in a restaurant, on the lake, most of the day eating amazing, AMAZING, food, drinking some beer and having a nice cocktail, and watching boats go by. How hilarious is that? (If you happen to visit this restaurant, which is the only floating restaurant at Antelope Point, and there's only 2 of you and you order the nachos DON'T order anything else. They're HUGE!!)

Antelope Point Marina Restaurant, Lake Powell AZ.
On another note though I saw my husband truly upset for the first time in our marriage. It was his birthday, of course, but the only people who mentioned anything were myself and my family. It wasn't until late last night that he got a insignificant happy birthday message from any of his family on Facebook. They didn't call him. They didn't even text him. They chose to go the "I don't have time for that" route and post on his Facebook wall.

Why is this so horrible you ask?

My husband spent time in prison when he was younger. He made sure that no matter where he was and no matter what he had to give up he called his family members on their birthdays. He was in lock up and had to give up a week of ever seeing the outside to call his little sister on her birthday. She didn't get around to telling him happy birthday, again only on Facebook, until after midnight today.

Again no big deal right?

It wouldn't have been had his family not been of Facebook all day talking about how much fun they were having with other people. Would it have been so much to ask of them to post something earlier in the day or to at least call him?

If you're still thinking big deal then you didn't see the tears in my husbands eyes as he realized how much he's done for his family, even while he was in prison, and they're complete lack of any attempt to reciprocate.