Friday, September 20, 2013

The Last Thing That Made Me Cry

I'm an overly emotional person. The smallest thing can make me burst into tears. Would you like to know the last thing that made me cry?

A commercial.

Yes, a television commercial. This commercial plays regularly and every single time I see it I tear up and at least one drop falls. I cannot help myself.

This must be a powerful commercial, you ask yourself. No, not really. It's about a website called Zillow. Well let me show you as opposed to explaining it.

I just watched it through to make sure it plays properly and here I am with tears in my eyes. This chokes me up every time.


  1. This commercial always makes me cry too! It started out because I saw it while my husband was deployed for a year, and I wished so badly that it was us in the situation that couple was in: buying a house, him coming home to surprise me, etc. But now that he is back, I still cry at it!

    I am also overly emotional. Especially when it comes to animals. Literally thinking about how much I love our pets makes me cry right now.

    The worst commercial for me is the ASPCA commercial where it plays that sad Willie Nelson song and all those pets look so sad!

  2. I've seen this one before. I don't cry, but when she opens the door at the end, I always get goose bumps! Thanks for sharing!


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