Monday, June 17, 2013

To Each Their Own

Did you get the chance to watch Polygamy USA on Nat Geo? No? You missed quite an interesting show.

Let me start by saying I live less than 45 miles from Hilldale, UT, Colorado City, AZ and Centennial Park, AZ. All three of these cities are inhabited by polygamist groups. In my short 31 years in this state I have known many polygamists and have come to respect them for their lifestyle. After reading a handful of posts on THIS blog about the Polygamy USA series I'm a little disgusted that they think what they're doing can be considered discussion. All they can seem to spew on and on about is how one of the fathers looks like a serial killer and the disgusting things they think they know from the media. I guess they just can't see past the fact that less than 150 yrs ago everything being practiced by polygamists was normal. "But that was 150 yrs ago. We're not the same society as we were back then." You're absolutely right but who are you to say that they can't follow the religion as it was founded far before that time?

I'm actually not here to talk about the series or about the folks on the show though. I'm going to voice my opinions on polygamy all together. While I do not agree with marriage being without love in the beginning, as is the culture of polygamy, and while I know I could not share my husband with another woman I still don't understand why so many people still have such a problem with the practice?

Is it that you don't understand the religion and why they choose to live the original intention of said religion?
Is it that you couldn't see yourself in their shoes?
Is it that you believe Warren Jeffs, and his words and practices, to be the face of polygamy? (Hint: He's not!)
Or is it that you think every one of the men are sex craved individuals who just can't stick with one woman?

One way or another your problem with polygamy is your problem. They're practicing their religion the best they know how. They're practicing what they were raised to practice. How is that wrong?

You say they're brainwashing their children. While I can't disagree completely I will say that if what they're doing is brainwashing then so is every other religion. Many people, at this point, might be saying "of course that's what I'm saying". To you I say if you're not a fan of religion and/or if what they're teaching isn't your cup of tea ... STOP LISTENING! Is it that impossible to let people live their lives the way they'd like?

Why, in today's society, does everyone have to be accepting of one thing and not another? One example is probably a touchy one. I fully support the right for anyone to marry anyone, no matter the gender similarities/differences, they so choose. If you want those who don't agree with it to accept that then why can't you at least accept that the way polygamists choose to live is their choice?

I'm quite irritated with how people jump to judgement without a single clue as to who these people truly are. They're judging them solely on the fact that they don't understand them. No matter how much they show on television it's still not the whole story. Let them practice how they choose. Who are they harming? You? I doubt it.


  1. First, love your new blog look!

    The whole polygamy thing is a difficult one and appreciate your courage to write about it. While I haven't watched the show, it's certainly not my cup of tea. Although, there were times when raising my three kids I certainly could have used a "wife" myself! =)

    I'm a live and let live kind of person and just glad I'm not in an authority position to have to enforce current laws.

  2. I think all religion is harmful and I think it's child abuse. Religion harms society as a whole.

    1. While I totally respect your thoughts I couldn't disagree more. I feel like the purpose of religion is to teach those who are willing to learn about God, Christ, and their eternal love for you. I think it's a great thing to teach a child that no matter what they do in life, no matter what happens to them or the one's they love, there is someone out there that gave their life just so they could live and make whatever choices they want to make in life. For me there's nothing more power than teaching a child to believe in something they can't see and something that can't be scientifically proven. I'd equate it to having the greatest imagination in the world.

      I also feel like saying that all of something is harmful/bad/etc is never an accurate description. To me that would be like saying all white people are racist or all Muslims are terrorists. Those statements are obviously not true and I've just made a fool of myself by lumping a whole group of people into an inaccurate statement.

      As far as it harming society, I don't see how. I think a lack of respect toward those who choose to practice a certain religion harms society far more. I think if more people just allowed those to do what they wanted, within a certain scope obviously, we'd be a more peaceful society. An example of this would be if the LDS Church (which I'm a member of) would stop fighting the gay community and just let them marry the tension between those who support gay marriage and the church would probably loosen.

      I really do appreciate you taking the time to comment. I appreciate more that you've made me think about what I've posted.


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