Monday, June 10, 2013

Sewing Room Organization Ideas

Currently I'm trying to design a craft room in my home. My first order of business was to combine two bedrooms at the end of a hallway. That was easy. The contractor that built our shop offered to put a hole in the wall as long as he could keep the extra material from the build. I couldn't say yes quick enough. Flooring, and making the hole look like it's meant to be there, are the easiest part. Designing the space to maximize it's potential, keep organization at the forefront, and suit my needs is the biggest challenge. Thankfully there are millions of people who've done so before me. All I have to do is find what I like and implement it.

My design is still in it's "holy crap that's a lot of space where do I put everything" phase. At this point I've found more ideas for organization than I can think of though.

I think one of my biggest concerns was yarn storage. I crochet and, while I don't have a lot of yarn yet, I know I'm going to amass quite a bit. I found this amazing idea through Pinterest.

How amazing is this? Hang a piece of pegboard, use some hooks, wind your yarn and hang it up. It's out of the way, which is completely necessary, and yet it makes an amazing design feature. I am going to save so much space doing this.

My next issue was how to deal with all the thread I know I'm going to eventually have. Along with that are the corresponding bobbins. This next feature solves all my problems.

This shelving units solves both of those problems. When I build this, however, I'm going to make the shelves a little farther apart and make the space holding the bobbins a little bit taller. I tend to be more of a quilter and I can use up to 3 bobbins in one sitting. I like to have, at least, 2 bobbins wound before I start something. Amazing idea though, just amazing!!

As someone who sews I like fabric. I love looking at it and, unfortunately for my husband, I love buying it. Right now I'm storing fabric on hangers. It's working perfectly but I'm worried that one day I'll run out of space. I have plenty of shelf space but don't want to just lay fabric on a shelf. Enter making my own fabric bolts.

From each piece of foam board from Home Depot this woman created 8 fabric bolts. The best part of these DIY fabric bolts is that you can pin directly into them. I LOVE IT!!

Along with crocheting and sewing I'm also a scrapbooker. As such I own a cricut and quite a few cricut cartridges (or carts). The come in bulky boxes that take up too much space, in my opinion. I was having a hard to convincing myself to buy a storage solution that was pre made. Thank goodness someone came up with something much cheaper that holds as much as you'd like it to.

This could work for so many things in, and out, of the craft room.

I'm still working on my organizational tools but I think I'm off to a good start.

Do you have a craft room?
What are some of your storage essentials for said craft room?
Even if you don't have a craft room what are some great DIY storage ideas you can give me?

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  1. I like your thread cabinet. I have been thinking about do something different with me thread. I'm have been keeping it in a thread box. I'm not not wild about. I'm going to show my husband your cabinet.


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