Thursday, June 27, 2013

Philosophy Skincare Review

Remember me talking about buying products that I was so excited to tell you about? That excitement has all but fizzled with 2 of the products. Three days after I purchased the two Philosophy products I was aching to try, I returned them. Not only was I aching to try them my skin was aching when I put them on.

hope in a jar night
 eye hope
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Now I can't literally say my skin was aching but it did sting like a son of monkey's uncle.

A couple things about both creams. They were both very light weight so I didn't expect them to leave any filmy after effects on my face, but they did. They didn't smell great but I've used things that smelled worse so I wasn't worried about that. They weren't cheap, as you can tell by the photo above, and they have rave reviews all over the internet so I figured trying them out was worth spending the money. As I sit here thinking about having these products on my skin my face is tingling telling me "don't you dare put that crap on me again".

Note: My skin is not sensitive in the slightest. I also have normal to combination skin. Take these factors into consideration when you read my reviews.

hope in a jar night: The first night I put the this on my face was actually the best night. It tingled a little but I guess I attributed that to the product "working" on my skin. By morning the tingling had gone but my face felt filmy. Night two was horrible. I put the cream on my face and 30 minutes later I was scrubbing my face with salt to get it off. Just a note, I use a semi-abrasive salt scrub on my face on a daily basis. Me being the optimist I attempt to be (even though I'm a horrible pessimist when it comes to most things) wanted to blame the stinging on something else. So I did. After the third attempt at putting this cream on my face, however, I realized it wasn't my face or anything I'd done to cause the stinging. It was the cream itself. I read through the ingredients and couldn't figure out what might be causing the stinging.

eye hope: This one didn't make my eye area sting as badly as the hope in a jar but it did give me tingles. The thing that scared me most about this product was how ghostly my under eyes looked after applying it. It almost looked as if I'd bleached my under eye areas. I understand that one of it's purposes is to reduce the look of dark circles but it looked like I'd taken a tide to go bleach pen to my under eye area. It's also supposed to reduce puffiness and dehydration and it had the complete opposite effect on me. By morning, after the first application, my eye are was extremely dry and puffier than they were the night before.

overall: While I am glad that I tried these products I am extremely disappointed in the products themselves. If I'm being honest I'll probably never try another philosophy product again. If something supposedly so great can cause so much horror on my skin I don't want to know what their other products can do to other areas of my body.

Have you tried these products?
What did you think?

Disclaimer: I purchased these products. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are truthful and are my own.

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