Monday, May 27, 2013

Why I Blog

I've been thinking about this question a lot lately. I used to be someone who always wanted readers. I wanted to make money and then I came to a couple realizations. I blog for me. Here's why.

I have a horrible memory!
I've never been one to remember anything for very long, unless it's a huge "thing". If you ask me what I had for dinner yesterday I'd have to refer to my husband. He would know, I wouldn't. I'm not saying I don't have childhood memories but they're scattered. I have friends who will tell me about something that we did as children and I lie about knowing what they're talking about because I'd feel horrible telling them I don't remember. 

Getting things off my chest!
I'm not saying there isn't someone here, in my home, that I can vent to but when I plan out my thoughts and write them down I feel so much better. I don't know what it is about writing things down that makes them leave my system. I know, thus far, I haven't ranted as much as I normally do but, trust me, when the time comes I will have a lot to say.

I blog because I enjoy it!
I've had quite a few blogs in the time that I've been blogging. It all started when my grandfather had a stroke and I just couldn't grasp that we might lose him. I cried to my husband, I cried to my mom, but nothing helped until I started writing things down. Since that first blog, on LiveJournal, I've gone through 5 blogs. Each time I end up shutting it down because I think I'm over blogging. Each time, obviously, I come back because I just can't fathom not blogging.

I want to tell the truth!
I may blog about every topic under the sun, and every topic I blog about is something someone else blogs about, but I am so tired of reading about things that are wonderful and then being horribly disappointed when I try them and they're horrible. If I can save just one person from buying something that really isn't worth their money I've done my job. I've bought makeup on the request of people I've never met and hated it. Telling someone else my experience, and it being the truth because I'm not getting paid to say what I say, will at least give them another point of view.

All in all I blog because I truly love to blog. It may be "out of style" and "a 20 something game" but I'll probably be blogging until I can no longer type.

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  1. These are awesome reasons! My memory is fading more and more every day; PTSD has pretty much ruined the side of my brain that holds my memory. :( So, blogging helps.

    I also blog to tell the truth! I give my personal opinion on things, because they are so many sites that push and push the products whether they work or not. Not all products can have all positive reviews... right?!


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