Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Stop Blaming The Gun (& Other Gun Related Stuff)

I'll start this post with a couple of warnings. I'm an avid gun lover, gun owner, and detest the assault that's going down on my second amendment rights in this country right now. If that's not something you're into then please feel free to leave right now. You're not going to hurt my feelings. I'm also not going to be quoting any laws or making myself look like I know more than I do. I'm simply going to state my opinion, give you some links you can visit, and leave it at that.


When you know someone that's been in a car accident do you blame the car? Not likely. It wasn't the car that got drunk and drove into oncoming traffic. It wasn't the car that was reading that text and swerved off the road plowing into a tree. It wasn't the car that couldn't pull over to take care of the crying child in the back seat. It was the person inside the car. Blame them.

When you see someone that's grossly overweight do you blame the spoon/fork/food? Nope. The fork didn't shove it's way into their mouth, force them to chew, and make them swallow that 5000 calorie meal. It wasn't the spoon the shoved the ice cream down their throat night after night. The food didn't magically appear in their mouth holding a gun to their dangly thingy (yes dangly thingy) making them eat. They put the food in their mouth, they ate it, and they didn't care to get up and work it off. It's the fault of the person who's overweight. Blame them.

When 9/11 happened did you blame the plane? The plane didn't kill the pilot and mysteriously make it's way to NYC and crash into the World Trade Center towers. The plane didn't choose who was on it when this tragic event happened. It was the people who hijacked the plane. Blame them.

If you're reading this and you're opposed to what I have to say then you're probably shaking your head saying that these mass shootings and 9/11 have nothing in common. All I have to say is you bet they do.

Without the distraction the likelihood of any vehicle accidents happening is greatly reduced if not eliminated. The vehicle was only a tool.

Without the drive to get up and work off the calories they intake there would be no reason for a person to be overweight. I know. I am overweight. It's my fault.

Without the hijackers those planes would have, MORE THAN LIKELY, made it safely to their destinations and we wouldn't have lost thousands of people who didn't deserve to die. The plane was only a tool.

Without the individual behind the gun at Sandy Hook/Columbine/Aurora you would have had an overpriced paper weight.

The last point I have to make is a simple one. What makes you think that eliminating high capacity magazines and banning these horrible weapons is going to make any criminal stop and say "Well, they're not legal now so I guess I have to stop using it." If you think that's the case you're only fooling yourself. Did you know, and this is a fact I know, that Columbine happened during the Clinton administrations assault weapons ban? I don't care how he got the gun the fact of the matter is he got it. He got it illegally. That's all that matters. 


If you're up for watching some videos or reading some specifically chosen pieces (and yes I only chose things that back up my point of view) then follow any of the links below.

Women using a shotgun vs using an AR-15 (I'm a big woman. I can't even use a shotgun without hurting myself.)
What Liberals Need To Understand About Gun Guys - This is from the point of view of Jewish Democrat and a former staff writer for The New Yorker
The Truth About Firearms & Suicide - It seems that everyone likes to lump suicides into the gun death toll
This mans son was killed at Sandy Hook and he's still pro-gun.

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