Thursday, May 30, 2013

It Isn't That I'm Not A People Person

I've never considered myself a people person. I'd rather sit at home then deal with crowds. I'd rather be left alone than go out to a party with people I don't know. Classic signs that I wasn't a people person. Then I got to thinking about the jobs that I've had. I was always around people and it was rare that I ever wanted to seriously harm any of them. It was then that I realized something.

What classifies someone as stupid? Oh the list could go one forever but here's a short version.

- Those who think I need to hear the conversation they're having while I'm eating at the table next to them.
- Those who cannot wait to call someone and tell them about the day they're having so they do so in their car.
- Anyone who texts while driving. ANYONE!
- Me monsters. (Watch THIS)

Like I said this list could go on forever I just don't think anyone would care after a couple paragraphs. 

Are you a people person?

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