Friday, May 10, 2013

DIY Grout Cleaner (Pin Tested)

Every time I go onto Pinterest I see a million "the most amazing homemade cleaner I've ever used" captions under photos. I've taken to trying quite a few of these and, over time, I plan to tell you the truth. I've already posted about the orange vinegar cleaner and I'm here to tell you about a grout cleaner.

I know you can purchase grout cleaners at the hardware store but I'm always up for making things with stuff I have at home. I found this recipe online and thought it sounded simple enough. The woman's site I pinned this from had horrible grout lines and hers came super clean. Here's the obligatory before photo.

My grout lines aren't all that dirty but they aren't as clean as they should be.
So here's the deal. You mix equal parts vinegar, salt, and baking soda (which is fun because the baking soda reacts with the vinegar and, yea, I'm getting off track) mix it well and spread it evenly over your grout lines.

I admit I put quite a bit more than I probably should have but it made up my mind after I was done.
Wait 20 minutes and scrub. The original post said that a scrub brush, originally used for laundry, was the tool. I didn't have a single scrub brush so I used a semi-old medium bristle toothbrush. I scrubbed each line for almost 5 minutes and then cleaned up what was left. Now for the always shocking after photo.

This was taken hours after so the grout had a chance to dry.
Wait, that's not very shocking is it? While I can tell that they are a little bit cleaner I think they should be a lot cleaner considering how long I scrubbed. This specific grout line no longer looks filthy, it just looks spotty. I attempted to clean another couple of spots with absolutely no luck. You can still clearly see the spots in the grout.

I'm assuming this is actually stained, now that I look at it, and not just dirty.
While it does get the grout lines a little bit cleaner I don't feel it's worth the time on my hands and knees cleaning. If you've got a small amount of tile in your home this might be worth your time. In my home, however, I would assume there's 1000 (+ or -) sq ft  of tile. This could take days, if not weeks, in my home.

Have you tried a DIY grout cleaner that works? 
Have you tried a commercial grout cleaner that works? 
I'm not one for using bleach on grout because it is porous but have you used bleach on colored grout with good results?

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