Thursday, April 18, 2013

Orange Vinegar Cleaner (Pin Tested)

I'm a huge Pinterest lover. I've tried quite a few DIY projects I found through Pinterest. The most recent one was the orange peels in vinegar cleaner. I was excited because my husband hates the smell of vinegar and I was hoping it would make it a little easier when I did a massive clean on our tile floors. I know most of the pins say to put it in a spray bottle and use it to clean counters and things like that so I tried that before attempting it on the floors. This had to be a great cleaner with so many pins and likes and rave reviews right?


Here are the problems I had with this cleaner.

I had 6 orange peels in with my vinegar and still, after 2 weeks, all I could smell was vinegar.

The orange peels soaked up so much of the vinegar that I only got half of what I put in, out. I had to dilute the cleaner down to even make it usable

The product that did come out (even after I diluted it) was a beautiful orange color and, when used, the stickiest crap I've ever sprayed anywhere. I had to re clean everything it touched because it left a horribly tacky residue.

With the amount I got out of the jar I would have only been able to clean my counters a few more times before I'd have to make more. I can't eat that many oranges in such a short period of time.

Pinterest cleaning folks you have failed me, this time.

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  1. i like honest, tested reviews, not happy face likes.
    havent joined pinterest yet, no time! but seen lots of cute, creative stuff on fb

    i like your direct, no nonsense posts!


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