Saturday, March 9, 2013

One Week

An entire week with zero posts to speak of. I didn't even get to my Friday Favorites. I guess, in my defense, I haven't been on the computer in over 4 days.

I've been piecing together this quilt top.

I got the idea from THIS video but I sized the blocks down (from 9.5 to 8.5) because I like the look of smaller blocks. Also, I want to add sashing and borders which will bulk it up a little.
My husband has been attempting to find help to install his lift in his shop. He's been having a heck of a time putting this bad boy up. A couple of my brothers and I laid it down yesterday, so that all the cables and wires could be installed properly, but now we've got to find people to help us stand it back up so we can bolt it to the ground. 

I had an eye appointment on Tuesday because I find myself squinting even with my glasses on. My Rx changed, even if ever so slightly, and it's starting to cause me headaches. I'm really excited about my new specs. They look like the one's to the left but the arms are brown-ish. I have a very round face and the sharp edges really compliment my features.

The best part is that I also purchased a pair of Rx sunglasses. I've had transition lenses for the past few years and I absolutely despise them. There are times when only half the lens transitions and it's horrible on my eyes. I can't find a photo of them so I'll have to take a pic of them when they finally get here.

Lastly, I started a new book. Well, kinda a new book. I've had the book sitting in my nightstand for months now and I've just gotten around to picking it up. If you look over to the right, in the sidebar, you'll see what book it is. I've really gotten into the Gone series by Michael Grant and Lies is the 3rd in the series. (I've talked about both Gone (book 1) and Hunger (book 2) on this blog)

I guess I'm trying to come up with excuses at to why I haven't been online, or posted a blog, but the major one would be that quilt top. That thing was amazing and since it was my first pieced top it took me a little bit to get everything right. I should be back next week with something, at least, for people to read. Here's hoping though right?

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