Thursday, March 14, 2013

My First Pieced Quilt Top

As I mentioned in my last post, the post where I try to explain away my lack of posts on this blog, I was putting together a quilt top. Yesterday afternoon I finished piecing it together and now have a completed quilt top. Here she is in all her glory.

As you can tell I decided not to add sashing, in the end, I'm so glad that I didn't. I think it would have detracted from the overall scrappy look that using the layer cake provided. I still might add borders but I'm not sure. My husband complained when I held it up to him because it doesn't have "tucking room". Which, if you weren't aware, is the ability to tuck the edges under your body when you're cuddled up on the couch with your blanket.

Here's a closer look.

One thing I did notice after I'd pieced it together was that there were quite a few spots where the same fabric, or similar fabric, butts up against each other. I had it sprawled out on my kitchen table but when I got it to my sewing room it had gotten somewhat mixed up. Am I still happy with how it turned out? Absolutely. Could I have done it better? You bet I could have. There are spots where I didn't nest my seams well enough and I've got a tiny oops BUT for my first pieced top I am more than proud of myself. I went shopping for the background fabric and got lucky when I found out that there's more than one quilt shop in town that carries this line (Salt Air by Cosmo Cricket for Moda). Unfortunately none of the shops had the fabric I wanted to use for the backing in stock. (Do you see the multicolored stripe? That's what I wanted to use for the backing and possibly a border.) One shop did have my second choice though. So here's the backing, and binding, fabric I'm going to use.

I'm honestly not sure when I'm going to finish this quilt. We're almost done with the shop on our property so at that point I'm forcing myself to focus on getting my craft rooms together. This mean tearing out carpet, putting up something to trim out the opening between the 2 rooms, finding a flooring that my husband and I both like, installing some cabinets, putting in a counter for my cutting table, hanging ....... well you get the drift. It's blank canvas and I've got to get it to where I want it before I proceed with much of anything else.

Wish me luck.

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