Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Favorites + February Wrap Up

What a slow week/month I've had. I mean slow in the blogging sense. It hasn't been slow in my house.

Blog Posts For Feb
I talked about products from Lush that I love and products and I regret purchasing.
I think I kept up with my Friday Favorites. I post 123 (plus this one) meaning yes I did.
I ranted about companies not doing their job properly, menopause, and all the home improvements and construction going on in and around my home.

Favorite Post In Feb
There's one thing, in my opinion, that quilters can never have too many of. Read this post and see if you guessed what I'm talking about.

Favorite Video In Feb
I watched this video a hundred times, or more, this past month. It's my new favorite song.


This video is why I love dogs far more than cats.

More photoshop tutorials. I'm determined to learn to use photoshop for more than just creating headers for my blog.
My new favorite YouTube channel.
How about a Pop Danthology for 2012? Don't know what that is? Check out the amazing creation below. It's a mix of songs and music from 2012 and it's AMAZING!!

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