Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Thoughts On Valentines Day

First I want to make sure that you know I am not chastising anyone for celebrating Valentines Day. You do as you will but these are my thoughts on the whole day.

You may say that I have these thoughts about Valentines Day because I'm cynical or had my heart broken on V-Day or that I had a very bad Feb 14th at one point or another. I beg to differ. My husband and I have had a couple wonderful Valentines Days in the past and we both felt the exact same. This is so forced and that why my husband and I do not, nor will we ever again, celebrate Valentines day. We both feel it's a day that people are forced into showing their love for someone else. I'd much rather receive something (and not flowers) in the middle of the Summer, with no designated holiday nearby, than receive flowers on Valentines Day. Why? For me it shows that my husband is truly thinking about me without some trumped up day hanging over his head. If he were to bring me a rock from the side of the road on a non specific Thursday in June and tell me it reminded him of me because of how it sparkled I'd probably cry. If I were to get home on Valentines Day to see flowers sitting on my counter I'd probably throw them out and grill my husband on why  he spent too much money on a day that does not matter to me.

Yes, that's how much I despise Valentines Day.

My other problem with this day is the fact that it's completely one sided. I think I have that sort of problem with every day dedicated to one person. By that I mean father's day, mother's day, etc. Ninety nine percent of the time you'll find the man in the relationship buying the gifts, the flowers and chocolate etc, for the woman. Other times the men buy the woman jewelry. It's very rare, at least where I live, to see the woman going all out, or going any sort of out for that matter, for the man. It's the same on mother's day. Women get pampered on mother's day. My dad bought my mother a massage, flowers, and took her out to dinner. Dads, well dads get that good old tie they've gotten for the past 15 years. That's exactly what my mom bought my dad that same year. He doesn't even wear suits, let alone ties. I mean, are you kidding me? He goes out and spends $300 so she can feel special and she gets him a tie? "But she's had the children and stays home and takes care of them and ..", blah-de-blah-de-freakin'-blah. She should be pampering you too.

I truly think it's time for men to stand up and revolt. Demand that the woman go into Valentines Day with the same oomph that they generally require you to have. They deserve it too.

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