Monday, January 7, 2013

Things More Important Than My Life

I wrote this post because the other day I encountered each and every one of these scenarios in a 30 minute drive from my home, to a nearby town, and back. Why, in the title, do I say they're more important than my life as opposed to being more important than the "offenders" life? I don't know if it's my luck but I always get stuck next to these people while driving and it's really starting to bother me. If they want to kill themselves or cause harm to those in their vehicle that's not my problem. I start to have a problem when what they're doing effects me and the folks in my vehicle.

So, apparently I didn't get the memo that told people there were things that they should do, while driving, that were more important than my life.

#1 - Your phone call. Please if someone calls you to chat about something as important as what you're wearing to your next gathering feel free to drive down the road with one hand on the wheel, your brain in other places, and swerve into my lane willy nilly. I mean if you pick up the phone and find out someone is dead, and you decide to talk while crying and trying to figure out what you're doing next, it might bring them back right? That's far more important than my life.

#2 - The text message from your BFF asking if you and Jimmy are dating. There is no way that I, driving next to you, care if you swerve into my lane, causing me to slam on my brakes, because that text message came through and you just couldn't ignore it. There's no need to pull over just continue to look down at your phone, or drive with your knee, until that text conversation is over. That's far more important than my life.

#3 - That giant messy burger you just couldn't spare 5 minutes to sit down and eat. If there are things falling in your lap make sure you look at them and pick them up as slowly as you possibly can. Pay no attention to anyone else on the road while you hand your back seat passengers french fries either. It's so much more important that you get to where you're going as quickly, and dangerously, as possible than spending a couple minutes at a safe table inside the restaurant. That's far more important than my life.

#4 - Page #45. Your book has to be read right now or something might change right? I mean there is no way you can wait until you get hope to crack that spine. Hold the book up against the steering wheel and, when you get a spare second, look up at the road. Those white lines they draw are simply suggested areas to stay within. Your enjoyment and knowledge that he kisses her, is far more important than my life.

#5 - Your passenger. When you're talking to someone you must look them in the eyes. It doesn't matter that you're behind the wheel of a 2000+ lb machine that requires some attention to keep it where it needs to be. It's more important than my life that your passenger knows you're paying attention to them.

#6 - Your iPhone, iPod, iPad, iWhatever digital device you just got as a gift. You have to test the thing out. It's better to do it behind the wheel than in the safety of your own home. Don't let those people honking at you distract you from what you're looking up on Safari, or Chrome, or IE. That's more important than my life.

It doesn't concern you that driving distracted is as dangerous, if not more dangerous, than drinking and driving. If you haven't been in an accident yet then there's no reason to worry about the other folks on the road with you.


  1. I feel strongly that eating while driving is an art. A therapy, almost. But it's painfully obvious that it can't be done with certain foods. Like supreme crunchy tacos.

    1. My problem with folks eating while they're driving stems from the fact that no one around here can do it while staying in their lane. I don't eat while I'm driving because I'm not coordinated at all. I just wish those whose choose to eat while driving would do so with a little more attention given to the road and the vehicles around them.


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