Thursday, January 17, 2013

How Do Prefer Comment Responses?

There's a lot of debate of comment responses from a blog owner. I get an email every time someone leaves a comment on my blog. I'm sure there are quite a few bloggers that have their comments set up that way. I've heard it's far more personal to email someone after they've commented as opposed to commenting back on the blog itself. I know I rarely go back to find if someone has responded to my comment.

So what is your preferred method of comment responding? Do you email your blog followers when the comment?


  1. So far, I've replied to the comment. I think if someone really wanted a personal email, they'd email me (the address is available on the blog). Of course, if my response included something I wouldn't want to post publicly, or if I wanted to say something more personal, I would email.

  2. interesting..i would love to see a number of responses to this question. personally, i haven't emailed commenters back; i just reply on the blog. but, i understand your point about never going back to check up on comments that i've left others. i'll have to think about this!


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