Saturday, November 23, 2013

House/Dog Sitter Needed

I'm hoping by putting this out there I might get a bite or two.

My husband and I love to travel but it's impossible to do so together when you've got amazing animals at home that need care. We would take them with us but we're not in a position right now to spend thousands of dollars on an RV that would fit us all. So if you stumble across this and you fit the bill, or you know someone that does, please direct them here.

I'm looking for someone who wants a great job and a free place to live all at the same time. You sit at my house and let my dogs out while we're on vacation.

The requirements are:
- Willing to relocate to Southern Utah
- Single and over 21with no outside the home obligations. (This means no job, no school, nothing. I want you in my home 24/7)
- Married and only one person works outside the home.
- No children
- No pets
- References, personal and professional
- Willing to submit to a background and credit check

What I'm offering.
- A fully furnished 100+ sq foot room, not including the closet and bath, with a private bath and walk in closet.
- Access to 1400 sq ft of home at all times.
- Free rent plus pay
- All expenses paid (utilities, wifi, basic cable, phone, food (unless you've got some weird or expensive eating habits) literally everything.)
- If things work out, and the economy doesn't completely crash leaving everyone jobless, job security until all my lovely dogs have passed. (My dogs are only 3 so we've got 12 or so years)
- Need I say more?

Some things you need to know about me and my husband.
- We are very Conservative, politically.
- We're both smokers and we drink on occasion.
- We won't always be gone but that doesn't mean we can't work something out while we're home so that you still make money.
- We're what some would call gun nuts.
- We're not shy about our feelings and we're not willing to hide what we're thinking.

I realize that it's probably going to be impossible to find someone through my blog, since it's quite small, but I figure if I put this out there I might get a bite.

If this sounds like something you're interested in leave me a comment or email me at contactmrsalicia at gmail dot com.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What's Going On

I've been such an absentee lately. I've had so much going on in life that I'm not sure where most of the end of the Summer went. So, what have I been up to?

My husband and I just got through drafting and signing our will's, trust's, and health care directives. That has been a huge process. We're now waiting on the county recorder to send the re titled deed to our house back to our lawyer so we can pick up the copies we need.

A friend of ours has had a hard past few months. He lost his job, his car broke down, and he basically hadn't eaten in 3 weeks. We brought him over the Utah to fix his car for him after we got him caught up on all his bills. We're still in the process of fixing his car but we had to go buy a new transmission for it. Tomorrow we have to drive him down to Barstow, CA to pay off some traffic tickets and get updated stickers for his car. That's going to be fun.

My brother got a job which may not seem relevant but, trust me, it is. Without him jobless that means I don't have anyone to watch my dogs. What that means for me is that I get to sit at home most of the day with nothing to do but let my dogs out every couple hours to go to the bathroom. My husband went to CA on his own to pick up our friend. He, and our friend, went up to Salt Lake to pick up the new transmission and he, and our friend of course, are going to be traveling to Barstow tomorrow (without me) to deal with the DMV. What this also means for me, or should I say us, is that we can't go on any joint vacations until we find someone to watch our dogs. It's a nightmare. We can't take our dogs with us because we've got more, and bigger dogs, than almost every hotel will allow. We also don't have a travel trailer or an RV to put them in so they have to stay at home. This doesn't allow for many exciting blog posts.

I've tried to contact people for this "job" of watching my dogs while we're on vacation and for some reason people aren't willing to do it. I'm offering free rent, utilities, cable, wifi, food, and I'll be paying your phone bill PLUS giving you money just to sit at my house and watch my dogs while my husband and I go on vacations. Seriously, who wouldn't want that?

So that's what life has thrown at me in the past few months. I know it doesn't sound hectic but it really is. It's also frustrating and a little annoying. I can only sit at home so long before I go stir crazy.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

To All Current & Future Hotel Guests

My husband and I had the pleasure of getting out of town this past week, if only for a night, and I couldn't help but notice the things people tend to do while staying at a hotel. I thought I'd write a letter to those people.

Dear current and future hotel guests,

My husband and I only have the pleasure of leaving town once a month or so and normally only for a single night. We generally pick higher end hotels because the amenities, rooms, and staff tend to be held to a higher standard. It's quite appalling what you, and what you allow your children to, do while staying at a hotel. When I'm staying at a hotel I make a very conscience effort to be as quiet as possible. I realize that I'm not the only one there.

With that in mind, here's a list of things you should avoid doing while staying at a hotel.

1. Slamming the door at midnight. I understand if you have to leave your room for some unknown reason but be considerate and shut the door quietly behind you.
2. Letting the herd out in the middle of the night. If you have the pleasure of occupying a room on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or higher, floor please avoid tromping around like a herd of elephants at 2 am. There are people sleeping directly below you. At least be a little considerate.
3. Turning the television volume up all the way and leaving it on all night. You're not going to be awake. The only thing a higher volume is going to do is disturb the person in the room next to you.
4. Giving your children free reign. Stop allowing them to jump on the beds just because they're at a hotel. Stop allowing them to grab one of everything at breakfast while there are other people standing behind them waiting to get their bagel. Quit giving them permission to play tag in the hallways and in the stairwells.
5. Assuming that everyone else is awake when you're leaving at 4 in the morning. Get your bags/children/husband/wife/etc to the elevator quickly and then, while you're in the elevator or after you've reached the ground floor, discuss what you're doing. Just because you're up early does not mean that everyone on the floor is also awake.
6. Standing with your bags and children blocking the driving path for other vehicles. Once you've gotten everything to the car load it as quickly and as efficiently as you possibly can. Stop blocking other cars from leaving the parking area. It's rude.

I guess what I'm getting as it stop pretending that you're the only one there. I know you spent good money to stay but so did everyone else. It's never a bad idea to take the feelings of others into consideration.

A loud person in general but always a considerate hotel guest.

Friday, September 20, 2013

The Last Thing That Made Me Cry

I'm an overly emotional person. The smallest thing can make me burst into tears. Would you like to know the last thing that made me cry?

A commercial.

Yes, a television commercial. This commercial plays regularly and every single time I see it I tear up and at least one drop falls. I cannot help myself.

This must be a powerful commercial, you ask yourself. No, not really. It's about a website called Zillow. Well let me show you as opposed to explaining it.

I just watched it through to make sure it plays properly and here I am with tears in my eyes. This chokes me up every time.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

That Time I Photographed A Spirit

As a general rule I regularly carry around one camera or another. You never know when you're going to catch something unbelievable. This was no exception.

My husband and I were attempting to get out of my parent's house (since we were living with them while transitioning between California and Utah) and we decided to go for a little drive. Just up the road from my parent's home there was an old bridge that had recently been washed out and removed. For some reason I thought it was a perfect spot to snap some pictures.

I can't say there was anything exceptionally exciting about this bridge but it just peaked my interest. After I snapped the first shot I noticed that there were spots on the lens. I know people say that those little dots are spirits but I'm not quite sure about that. I always carry a cleaning kit with me when I take a camera anywhere so I cleaned off the lens and snapped another picture.

I didn't see any spots. Do you? So I came up on the bridge from the left side and snapped another photo. I pulled back the camera to to admire my photo and what do I see?

There on the left portion of the bridge, 3 railings from the left side of this photo, what looks like a child's silhouette. I can't tell you if that's just another set of spots that I missed but it's conspicuously shaped and really quite eerie. 

To this day I truly believe that's the spirit of a child. Maybe a child that lost his/her life on that bridge. All I know is that this photo makes me look harder at every photo I've ever taken.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I'm Following A List

In an attempt to get myself to blog more I'm going to start blogging from THIS list either once, or twice, a week. I'm really hoping it will get my creative juices flowing and I'll have more to talk about. I feel like a lack of posts leads me to close my blog. I don't want to do that. Cross your fingers and watch for more posts.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I'm A Bad Blogger

I've been a terrible blogger lately. Not that there's much to talk about in my life. I've been enjoying the rainy weather we've been having but not enjoying my husbands constant disdain for the weather we've been having. He wants so badly to go out on the boat but after the horrifying experience I had last year in the rain I never again want to venture out with clouds overhead.

So folks I'm here to say I'm alive but I don't have much else to say.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Free Writing #1

I thought I'd do something that I've been meaning to do for a while now. I'm going to free write here on this blog. I have a lot of thoughts going around in my head that I feel need to come out in order for me to move past them. This project, if you can call it a project, is simple. Write. Don't stop. Don't think. Just write. So here goes.

I called the pet cremation place today and they told me that my baby still isn't ready to come home. While I understand that he really needs to come home I feel like it's giving me time to grieve without staring at his little urn everyday. I almost hope it takes a little longer for him to come home. I'm still hurting over the decision to put him down though. Did I really do the right thing? It doesn't quite feel like I did. I also feel like I'm moving on too quickly. I understand I can't dwell on missing him forever, my other dogs need me, but I don't know what's appropriate. I feel like going out and having fun isn't the right thing to do but ... I'm kind of just writing in circles but I'm sure you get the point.

My husband is driving me insane. He's hell bent on taking the boat out to the lake when the chance of rain, and flash floods, and all kinds of earthly madness are too high for me to even think about going out on a floating vessel in possibly volatile water. He acts like it's the only thing we can do during the summer no matter how many times I tell him that there's more to summer than boating. We usually go to the lake 3 times a week (and I'm talking a 2 hour drive to the lake each way) and it gets old. I'd rather be doing something we don't normally do. He's stuck though. He thinks that if we don't use the boat that often there's no point in owning it. I know I talked about these past 2 points in previous posts but they're really what's on my mind right now.

Gosh what else. I haven't been feeling well lately and on top of that my foot is in almost constant pain for no apparent reason. Last Tuesday I was trying on a ton of shoes, because I need a new pair, and I woke up Wed morning with a horrible pain in my foot. It was almost to that point that I couldn't walk. It still hurts, almost a week later, and I don't know why. Admittedly it's not as bad as it was but I'm wondering if I shouldn't go see the doctor. I just absolutely hate doctors. My doctor is great but I hate seeing him. On top of that it takes weeks to get into see my Dr and by then the pain will probably be gone. That's honestly how I'm rationalizing not making an appointment.

Obamacare, you suck. I'm not quite sure why this is in my head right now but it is. Oh wait, I do know. Wasn't this whole bill supposed to make it more affordable for people to get healthcare? Yea, load of bullshit if you ask me. My father had to drop his health insurance recently because all of his rates went up after the first wave of mandates were implemented  How the hell is that more affordable? He works his ass off day in and day out to provide for his family and now he can't. He now depends on my mother's insurance to cover the costs of his extensive medical bills. He's recently had major surgery and may have to go back in to have surgery on his back. Crap, crap, crap.

The weather is going to be the death of me. I live in the desert, not on the coast, this humidity is NOT supposed to be here.

I just noticed that this post turned into a rant post. I'm sorry about that but it's truly what's been on my mind lately.

Friday, July 26, 2013

A Decision I Never Wanted To Make

Before I get into this post you must understand that I have nothing but love for my little baby Tank. He's been nothing but a joy to have in my life but there comes a time when you know your baby would be better off with God!

The day we brought Tank home!
Two years ago my little Min Pin Tank (7 years old now) was diagnosed with diabetes. It hurt so much to hear that he had such a horrible disease. The oddest part about it was that it came on literally over night. Apparently that's not uncommon in dogs. We spent hours with our vet weighing the options and figuring out what we wanted to do. When we were told we could manage his diabetes with insulin (which I honestly didn't know was possible) I fought hard knowing full well that I could do it. I would be the one to keep him alive for as long as he wanted to stay with us.

Two years later and I just can't do it anymore. I can't watch him get sicker by the month, lose more hair, get sores just because he lays wrong, and basically get by until the time of day that I give him the insulin his body needs to stay in balance. We used to be able to give him a set dosage every morning and every night but now I have to test him daily (which means taking blood from my little man on the inside of his lip every morning and night). He's lost the muscles in his head right behind his eyes (which even my vet can't explain) so every time he yawns his eyes sink back into his head so far you can't even see them anymore. He lost his sight because of the diabetes as well so he couldn't see anyway. About 3 years ago I fell on top of him (which still pains me to this day) and I broke his poor little leg. We had to travel 4 hours to see a specialist to surgically fix his leg. There are times you'll see him limping for no apparent reason. This didn't happen until he got diabetes. The vet said it's just because his body is breaking down faster than it normally would and any discomfort is amplified.

This is where the decision I never wanted to make comes in.

Earlier today I took my baby into the vet to meet God. He's happier now, I know that. He's healthy now, I know that as well. I just can't help but think I could have done this for longer so that he could live out the rest of his days with us. He will always have a piece of my heart and I will never stop loving that little cuss.

With that said I'll probably be away from blogging for a little bit. I need to process this and I honestly don't know how long this will take. I need to figure out how to forgive myself for not fighting longer for him. I understand it's not my fault and sometimes hard choices need to be made but that's just how things go in my mind.

Have you ever had to put a pet down? How did you cope with the loss? Any tips?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Irrationality Runs Rampant Around Here

I feel like I've had a forward to every post I've made in the last little while but I feel they're all warranted. This warning is one of love. I absolutely love my husband to death so before you drill me about this post know that.

Onto the post.

My husband is SOOOOO irrational. It's been a hectic few months in our house because monsoon season in Arizona is here. Now we don't live in Arizona but that happens to be the place we visit at least 3 times a week. That's a lot, I know. That also happens to be where we launch our boat onto Lake Powell. Now do you see it?

Not only is it monsoon season in Arizona the weather in my neck of the woods has been about the same. Rainy, muggy, horribly windy which is all around terrible boating weather.

We haven't been able to go out on our boat for nearly a month. It's eating at my husband. I'm doing fine since I'm more of an in the water type of person than an on the water girl. For my DH though it's driving him insane.

Here's where the irrational part comes into play.

Instead of saying that we'll just wait it out and go the next chance we get he's talking about selling the boat. A boat we only purchased last year. A brand new boat that only has 20 hours on it. Yes, seriously, he's talking about selling the boat because he hasn't gotten to use it. UH ... WHAT

This is an actual picture of our boat before we bought it.
You mean to tell me we spent 40K+ CASH on a boat and because the weather is bad, something no one can control, you want to sell it? Does this make as much sense to you as it did to me? 

Normally I just brush his words off and leave the room but I finally had enough the other day. I got up on my high horse and told him, more like yelled at him, that I was selling my sewing machine because I haven't used it in a couple weeks. I told him I was also selling his beloved 2012 Ford F-350 truck because he only uses it once a week and when we go out to the lake.

He then tried to tell me he was also upset that he couldn't find people to go out on the boat with him. I didn't back down because he is constantly saying that he's not a people person. I feel a little bad for what I then said to him (which was "When you bought the boat who did you think was going to go out on it with us? The friends you don't have or the people you don't know?") but I just couldn't take it anymore.

Can I just say he hasn't mentioned selling the boat, or going to the lake, as much as he normally does since that day. I think my wake up call was just what he needed ... until next month.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Things I Learned From Buying My First Home

I saw THIS POST on a blog that I follow and I knew I had to chime in. Be warned this is a wordy post with no pictures. I can't explain these with photos.

I'd always heard that house hunting, and buying a house, were difficult and the process is something you never want to go through twice but I didn't realize how right everyone was. Last year (7/12) my husband and I bought our first house. We had some of the greatest, and worst, experiences of our entire life. I thought I'd share what I learned through the process in the hopes that I can help at least one person in their quest to find their first, or second, or 15th, home.

1. Do your research.
This is something we wish we would have done a little better (in regards to our mortgage broker) before purchasing our house. We didn't research our agent but he came highly recommended from everyone in the county. We didn't research where we wanted to live because I've lived in the area for 30+ years,  and we've rented in almost every town possible in the county. We didn't research our inspector but his ratings are through the roof, and he came top recommended from our agent. (He also sends us monthly updates on when it's time to do certain maintenance on our home.) We knew which areas we did and didn't want to live. (Funny story, we ended up buying in the one town we didn't want to live.) We didn't research our mortgage broker either and we regret that more than anything else. Which brings me to #2.

2. Find the right people before you do anything else.
It was easy as pie to keep in contact with our agent. We knew the minute we met him that he was the agent for us.  He sent us an email almost everyday with listings he thought we'd like. He always answered his phone and always had the answer we needed. Our broker, on the other hand, was exactly the opposite. There was an entire week in the middle of our buying process that I couldn't get a hold of him. Every time we called he was in a meeting. We could call him 5 times a day to ask a question and each time he was in a meeting. We didn't know until it was too late that he'd switched companies in the middle of working with us. This was huge for us because we'd heard nothing but good things about the company. We weren't sure we'd even got the house until a couple days before closing. It took over a week, and numerous phone calls from us and our agent, to get an appraisal done on the house. He claims that the appraisal dept. thought we were just looking and we weren't serious. WE'D ALREADY MADE AN OFFER! By the time we realized how horrible our broker was it was too late to get a new one. Needless to say our agent will never work with that broker again and I always tell people that the company he's with has made him useless. (Yes, we are that upset with the job he did.)

3. Be as specific as you can and know what you DON'T want.
Our agent was amazing. We told him that the easiest way for us to see houses was on our terms. He did exactly as we asked. He punched our wish list into an automated system that sent him listings everyday. He then sent us the listings by email so that we could look at them, decline them, or pursue a further look with him. When I say be specific, though, I mean in what you want. Know how much square footage you want, how much land you want, the city you want to live in. What a lot of people forget is to tell their agent what they don't want. We didn't want to be in an HOA, we wouldn't accept less than 1/2 acre, and there was no way we were living with a septic tank. I think it's far more important to know what you don't want than what you do. Everything can be modified but if a home is full of "that has to be replaced because I didn't want that" you're not going to like it.

4. Don't ever ever ever ever ever ever settle.
Home buying is hard, looking is hard, but never settle for something you're not happy with. Some time before my husband and I found the house we're in, which is 99.9% our dream home, we found another home that was probably 75% dream 25% what do we do with this? We were so close to making an offer when we sat down and had a chat about settling. We both used the word settle and knew this wasn't the house for us. It took a couple weeks before we found the home we're in but we're so happy that we didn't settle for the other one.

5. Don't get attached to a house.
This is probably the hardest one. The second we saw our house we knew we wanted it. I fell in love with it. My husband is a lot better at controlling his emotions though. I have a feeling that's what made the month it took to close so hard for me. He was ready to pull out at week 3 but I made him stick it out because I wanted this house so badly. Never let your emotions run your process. I did and I regret it.

6. Always get a home inspection/specialty inspection.
Even if the house is sold as is get an inspection done for yourself. If the seller won't accept a contingency clause where an inspection is required I say walk away. When we purchased our home it was only 6 months old. We still had an inspector come in. He did a 4+ hour inspection and found a couple things that we wouldn't have even known mattered. When I talk about a specialty inspection I'm saying electrical, HVAC, etc. The things our inspector found were related to electrical and HVAC. We called in our electrician and our "AC guy" the next day to check things out before we went any further. Thankfully they weren't a big deal and things kept moving.

7. Be prepared for everyone emotion you can think of.
I didn't know buying a house would make me happy, and sad, and angry, and devastated all in one day. If you've never experienced such a wide range of emotions be prepared because they're all coming.

8. Make sure you can explain everything in your past/present/future to everyone involved.
If you don't earn your money in the conventional way, make sure you can explain it. My husband has an annuity from the loss of his leg when he was a child. We had to write a note explaining how he got the money and where it came from. If you don't have all the paperwork you need because of something out of your control, make sure you can explain it. My husband's mother is on our checking account. When it was time to turn in our bank statements we realized we hadn't been getting them. The bank in CA screwed something up and started sending statements to his mother instead of us. That was such a headache and it's still not sorted out. If you haven't worked in a while, make sure you can explain why. I've heard of people having to explain why they, as a married couple, were living with their parents. You're going to find that you have to explain some of the stupidest things you can think of. It seems meaningless to you but apparently it's important to everyone else.


9. Take a break for yourself and your sanity.
I don't mean from the looking process or the buying process, unless it's something you feel you need to do in order to maintain some sense of normalcy, but make sure you take time for yourself through this whole process. If that means staying in bed one day just to read or going on a mini vacation to a town a couple hours away, do it. The stress can kill you or cause other problems, as my husband and I are finding out a year later. Stress is something you can't cure easily. Don't let it get to you.

No matter how hard the process was or how much I hated certain aspects of it I'm so glad we finally have our house. I couldn't be happier. It's always nice to know your money isn't going toward someone else's mortgage payment.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Mary Kay VoxBox Unboxing (Influenster)

I'm absolutely in love with Influenster. This is the second box that I've received from them and I couldn't be more excited to try out these products. Here is a quick unboxing video.

So look for reviews on all these products either in video form or just here on my blog. Yay for free stuff!
I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Things I Believe

This post has some controversial profanity. Please be advised that you may not like me after you read this.

I just wanted to do a quick post about things I believe in. It's after 1 in the morning and for some reason my brain has been fixed on this subject for the past little while. Aside from #1, and #2, there is no specific order. I am going to list them in an order but understand that the first two are the most important.

#1 - I believe in God the eternal Father and in his son Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost. Some people may not know that I'm LDS. While I haven't physically been to church in quite a while I still believe, whole heartedly, in the teachings of the Gospel.
#2 - I believe my husband to be one of the most inspirational people in the entire world. He lost his leg when he was seven and there's nothing on this planet that can stop him. Along these lines I believe I'm the luckiest woman in the world to have found him.
#3 - The institution of marriage is not going to be destroyed by allowing a man to marry a man or a woman to marry a women. Britney Spears took it one notch down when she married a man for less than 3 days. When you search shortest marriage on Google all but one link on the front page is related to Hollywood.
#4 - I believe we waste too much money on locking people in jail that don't deserve to be there. Why are there so many potheads in jail simply because they smoked pot? Free up that bed for the man who rapes women or the woman who killed her husband. Come on now.
#5 - I believe the Government should but out. Do we need Government? Yes. Does it need to be as big as it is today? Holy crap no.
#6 - I believe people kill people and that without people guns are giant paper weights. If guns kill people than spoons made me fat. (More)
#7 - Last I checked if you earned it it's yours to keep. Stop trying to spread the wealth. It doesn't teach anyone to do for themselves.
#8 - People who text, talk on the phone, or drive distracted need to be considered a danger to society. Slapping them on the wrist until they kill someone with their vehicle is NOT going to help them.
#9 - If women can be whores then so can men. If women can be bitches than so can men. If men can call each other dicks then why can't I call another woman a cunt without being looked at as the worst person in the world?
#10 - If you're raped, molested, or otherwise violated sexually and you get pregnant that should NOT mean that you have to keep the child or that you weren't really raped. Todd Akin I'm lookin' at you!
#11 - Too many people in this world today are highly overmedicated. I am not a doctor but when I see a child who simply can't focus the first thing I think is NOT ADHD. While I do believe it is a legitimate disease I don't think so many people actually have it.
#12 - Taking guns away from law abiding citizens is not going to make those who already obtain them illegally stop using, or obtaining, them.
#13 - If the toilet paper is on it's little holder and it's coming off the roll from the top I think you should be hanged. I know, petty, but it irritates me.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Philosophy Skincare Review

Remember me talking about buying products that I was so excited to tell you about? That excitement has all but fizzled with 2 of the products. Three days after I purchased the two Philosophy products I was aching to try, I returned them. Not only was I aching to try them my skin was aching when I put them on.

hope in a jar night
 eye hope
Photo Source: Me
Now I can't literally say my skin was aching but it did sting like a son of monkey's uncle.

A couple things about both creams. They were both very light weight so I didn't expect them to leave any filmy after effects on my face, but they did. They didn't smell great but I've used things that smelled worse so I wasn't worried about that. They weren't cheap, as you can tell by the photo above, and they have rave reviews all over the internet so I figured trying them out was worth spending the money. As I sit here thinking about having these products on my skin my face is tingling telling me "don't you dare put that crap on me again".

Note: My skin is not sensitive in the slightest. I also have normal to combination skin. Take these factors into consideration when you read my reviews.

hope in a jar night: The first night I put the this on my face was actually the best night. It tingled a little but I guess I attributed that to the product "working" on my skin. By morning the tingling had gone but my face felt filmy. Night two was horrible. I put the cream on my face and 30 minutes later I was scrubbing my face with salt to get it off. Just a note, I use a semi-abrasive salt scrub on my face on a daily basis. Me being the optimist I attempt to be (even though I'm a horrible pessimist when it comes to most things) wanted to blame the stinging on something else. So I did. After the third attempt at putting this cream on my face, however, I realized it wasn't my face or anything I'd done to cause the stinging. It was the cream itself. I read through the ingredients and couldn't figure out what might be causing the stinging.

eye hope: This one didn't make my eye area sting as badly as the hope in a jar but it did give me tingles. The thing that scared me most about this product was how ghostly my under eyes looked after applying it. It almost looked as if I'd bleached my under eye areas. I understand that one of it's purposes is to reduce the look of dark circles but it looked like I'd taken a tide to go bleach pen to my under eye area. It's also supposed to reduce puffiness and dehydration and it had the complete opposite effect on me. By morning, after the first application, my eye are was extremely dry and puffier than they were the night before.

overall: While I am glad that I tried these products I am extremely disappointed in the products themselves. If I'm being honest I'll probably never try another philosophy product again. If something supposedly so great can cause so much horror on my skin I don't want to know what their other products can do to other areas of my body.

Have you tried these products?
What did you think?

Disclaimer: I purchased these products. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are truthful and are my own.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Alicia The Lushie

I have a huge problem. This problem is an expensive problem. It's a problem that requires (I say requires because this addiction has a tight hold) me to travel hundreds of miles a couple times a month to fulfill. This problem is a Lush cosmetics problem. I cannot stop buying the stuff.

I have a 5 drawer system in my closet chalk full of products.

Bath Bombs

Bubble Bars

And a whole slue of other products.
I have such a problem addiction love for Lush products that I gave them their own space. That's right folks I created an entire blog dedicated to my addiction. I've been thinking about this for a long time and finally decided that I didn't want to clog up my blog with tons of Lush posts. If you're into Lush (and if you're not I highly suggest you looking into them) and would like to know more about products that I try please visit my new blog.  I'm also working on a YouTube channel for any Lush fans.
Click this photo to go to the blog

Monday, June 17, 2013

To Each Their Own

Did you get the chance to watch Polygamy USA on Nat Geo? No? You missed quite an interesting show.

Let me start by saying I live less than 45 miles from Hilldale, UT, Colorado City, AZ and Centennial Park, AZ. All three of these cities are inhabited by polygamist groups. In my short 31 years in this state I have known many polygamists and have come to respect them for their lifestyle. After reading a handful of posts on THIS blog about the Polygamy USA series I'm a little disgusted that they think what they're doing can be considered discussion. All they can seem to spew on and on about is how one of the fathers looks like a serial killer and the disgusting things they think they know from the media. I guess they just can't see past the fact that less than 150 yrs ago everything being practiced by polygamists was normal. "But that was 150 yrs ago. We're not the same society as we were back then." You're absolutely right but who are you to say that they can't follow the religion as it was founded far before that time?

I'm actually not here to talk about the series or about the folks on the show though. I'm going to voice my opinions on polygamy all together. While I do not agree with marriage being without love in the beginning, as is the culture of polygamy, and while I know I could not share my husband with another woman I still don't understand why so many people still have such a problem with the practice?

Is it that you don't understand the religion and why they choose to live the original intention of said religion?
Is it that you couldn't see yourself in their shoes?
Is it that you believe Warren Jeffs, and his words and practices, to be the face of polygamy? (Hint: He's not!)
Or is it that you think every one of the men are sex craved individuals who just can't stick with one woman?

One way or another your problem with polygamy is your problem. They're practicing their religion the best they know how. They're practicing what they were raised to practice. How is that wrong?

You say they're brainwashing their children. While I can't disagree completely I will say that if what they're doing is brainwashing then so is every other religion. Many people, at this point, might be saying "of course that's what I'm saying". To you I say if you're not a fan of religion and/or if what they're teaching isn't your cup of tea ... STOP LISTENING! Is it that impossible to let people live their lives the way they'd like?

Why, in today's society, does everyone have to be accepting of one thing and not another? One example is probably a touchy one. I fully support the right for anyone to marry anyone, no matter the gender similarities/differences, they so choose. If you want those who don't agree with it to accept that then why can't you at least accept that the way polygamists choose to live is their choice?

I'm quite irritated with how people jump to judgement without a single clue as to who these people truly are. They're judging them solely on the fact that they don't understand them. No matter how much they show on television it's still not the whole story. Let them practice how they choose. Who are they harming? You? I doubt it.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Ulta Haul

I'm not normally one for haul posts, or videos, but I ventured into Ulta the other day and picked up some products I am super excited to use. I'd love to hear if you've used any of these and what your thoughts are.

Covergirl Lash Blast and L'Oreal Telescopic have been my go to mascaras for quite some time now. It's not that they really made a difference in length, or bulk, but they were cheap and they worked well enough. I'm finally over them and wanted something new.

Benefit, They're Real!
Source: Me

I was going to purchase a full size but after thinking about it I decided against that. What if I didn't like it? I know it's returnable but I rarely have the drive to return things. This way, if it's less than favorable, I won't have such a huge problem getting rid of it.

I've seen this next product mentioned quite a few times on YouTube and around the blogging world in general.

Lorac 3D Liquid Lustre
Photo Source: Me
You can use this product over eyeshadow, alone on your eyes, or alone as a highlighter on your face. My only concern with the Lorac Lustre is how shimmery it is. I'll give it a try and see if it's worth it's hype.

These next 2 product are things I've been dying to try. With aging skin comes a host of problems. Darker dark circles, bags, wrinkles, and a whole slue of other problems. In an attempt to slow the aging process I turned to Philosophy.

hope in a jar night
 eye hope
Photo Source: Me
I've heard amazing things about Hope in a Jar so I thought I'd try out their night cream. I tend to like night creams better and that's why I bought that instead of the original Hope. Since Hope is not designed for the eye area I figured I'd give the Eye Hope a shot.

Every one of these products has mixed reviews and, while I do take what people say into consideration, I like to try something for myself. Everyone has different skin and what does work for someone might not work for you, and vice versa. 

Have you tried any of these products?
If so what do you think of them?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What's In My Bag

I'm a very nosy person when it comes to purses. I love checking out other's purses and seeing what they carry inside. Sometimes it's quite amazing what people can fit in there. Just for fun I'm going to show you my purse and what I carry inside it.

(This bag was a gift from my husband. He knows I've had my eye on it for years. I am, in no way, trying to brag by showing you my bag. Please don't take it as such.)

This is my purse.

It's a Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 Bandouliere. It was more expensive to get the Bandouliere but my husband insisted. Without the shoulder strap the only way to carry the bag is the arm straps. He was concerned that I would get tired of holding it on my arm and want to set it down. He's right.

This is the inside of the bag.

There's only one small pocket which I thought, at first, would make it harder to carry any amount of small items. I've actually found a way around that.

Lastly, here's what I carry inside my purse.

1 - This is the extension piece for the strap. This way I can take it from a shoulder bag to a cross body bag.
2 - A full size brush. I love having the windows down in good weather but my hair does not.
3 - My wallet, of course.
4 - A giant bag of Dentek floss picks. I have extremely tight teeth and I can feel when anything other than air is between them.
5- This is one of my "there's only one tiny pocket" solution. It's a pencil case but I keep all my extra keys in it.
6 - A full size bottle of lotion. I have horribly dry hands and I probably use this more than anything else in my purse.
7 - This is another "tiny pocket" solution. Another pencil case. Inside this one I hold:
     7a - A sample bottle of my favorite perfume. Versace Yellow Diamond.
     7b - My favorite chewing gum. Trident Layers Orchard Peach & Ripe Mango.
     7c - A tiny screw driver for my glasses.
     7d - C.O Bigelow ultra mentha lip shine. I'm not sure why this is still in here. I don't use it.
     7e - A cleansing cloth for my glasses.
     7f -  One giant to do list. I've had this since we bought our house and haven't crossed much off.
There's, obviously, also a quarter, a hair clip, a pen, and carmex in there as well but I didn't feel the need to label those. I also carry feminine hygiene products as well but I didn't think you needed to see those.

I could fit quite a bit more in my bag and that's probably why I love it so much. It's simple, holds plenty of stuff, and it's a bag I'm going to have for a very long time.

What's in your bag? (Share your post with me because I'd LOVE to snoop around your bag.)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Sewing Room Organization Ideas

Currently I'm trying to design a craft room in my home. My first order of business was to combine two bedrooms at the end of a hallway. That was easy. The contractor that built our shop offered to put a hole in the wall as long as he could keep the extra material from the build. I couldn't say yes quick enough. Flooring, and making the hole look like it's meant to be there, are the easiest part. Designing the space to maximize it's potential, keep organization at the forefront, and suit my needs is the biggest challenge. Thankfully there are millions of people who've done so before me. All I have to do is find what I like and implement it.

My design is still in it's "holy crap that's a lot of space where do I put everything" phase. At this point I've found more ideas for organization than I can think of though.

I think one of my biggest concerns was yarn storage. I crochet and, while I don't have a lot of yarn yet, I know I'm going to amass quite a bit. I found this amazing idea through Pinterest.

How amazing is this? Hang a piece of pegboard, use some hooks, wind your yarn and hang it up. It's out of the way, which is completely necessary, and yet it makes an amazing design feature. I am going to save so much space doing this.

My next issue was how to deal with all the thread I know I'm going to eventually have. Along with that are the corresponding bobbins. This next feature solves all my problems.

This shelving units solves both of those problems. When I build this, however, I'm going to make the shelves a little farther apart and make the space holding the bobbins a little bit taller. I tend to be more of a quilter and I can use up to 3 bobbins in one sitting. I like to have, at least, 2 bobbins wound before I start something. Amazing idea though, just amazing!!

As someone who sews I like fabric. I love looking at it and, unfortunately for my husband, I love buying it. Right now I'm storing fabric on hangers. It's working perfectly but I'm worried that one day I'll run out of space. I have plenty of shelf space but don't want to just lay fabric on a shelf. Enter making my own fabric bolts.

From each piece of foam board from Home Depot this woman created 8 fabric bolts. The best part of these DIY fabric bolts is that you can pin directly into them. I LOVE IT!!

Along with crocheting and sewing I'm also a scrapbooker. As such I own a cricut and quite a few cricut cartridges (or carts). The come in bulky boxes that take up too much space, in my opinion. I was having a hard to convincing myself to buy a storage solution that was pre made. Thank goodness someone came up with something much cheaper that holds as much as you'd like it to.

This could work for so many things in, and out, of the craft room.

I'm still working on my organizational tools but I think I'm off to a good start.

Do you have a craft room?
What are some of your storage essentials for said craft room?
Even if you don't have a craft room what are some great DIY storage ideas you can give me?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lake Powell & Birthdays

My husband and I are huge fans of Lake Powell. Yesterday we went up to spend the day on the lake. It was a beautiful day and we had every intention of sitting on our boat, on the lake, all day. What happened instead?


We sat in a restaurant, on the lake, most of the day eating amazing, AMAZING, food, drinking some beer and having a nice cocktail, and watching boats go by. How hilarious is that? (If you happen to visit this restaurant, which is the only floating restaurant at Antelope Point, and there's only 2 of you and you order the nachos DON'T order anything else. They're HUGE!!)

Antelope Point Marina Restaurant, Lake Powell AZ.
On another note though I saw my husband truly upset for the first time in our marriage. It was his birthday, of course, but the only people who mentioned anything were myself and my family. It wasn't until late last night that he got a insignificant happy birthday message from any of his family on Facebook. They didn't call him. They didn't even text him. They chose to go the "I don't have time for that" route and post on his Facebook wall.

Why is this so horrible you ask?

My husband spent time in prison when he was younger. He made sure that no matter where he was and no matter what he had to give up he called his family members on their birthdays. He was in lock up and had to give up a week of ever seeing the outside to call his little sister on her birthday. She didn't get around to telling him happy birthday, again only on Facebook, until after midnight today.

Again no big deal right?

It wouldn't have been had his family not been of Facebook all day talking about how much fun they were having with other people. Would it have been so much to ask of them to post something earlier in the day or to at least call him?

If you're still thinking big deal then you didn't see the tears in my husbands eyes as he realized how much he's done for his family, even while he was in prison, and they're complete lack of any attempt to reciprocate.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

It Isn't That I'm Not A People Person

I've never considered myself a people person. I'd rather sit at home then deal with crowds. I'd rather be left alone than go out to a party with people I don't know. Classic signs that I wasn't a people person. Then I got to thinking about the jobs that I've had. I was always around people and it was rare that I ever wanted to seriously harm any of them. It was then that I realized something.

What classifies someone as stupid? Oh the list could go one forever but here's a short version.

- Those who think I need to hear the conversation they're having while I'm eating at the table next to them.
- Those who cannot wait to call someone and tell them about the day they're having so they do so in their car.
- Anyone who texts while driving. ANYONE!
- Me monsters. (Watch THIS)

Like I said this list could go on forever I just don't think anyone would care after a couple paragraphs. 

Are you a people person?

Monday, May 27, 2013

Why I Blog

I've been thinking about this question a lot lately. I used to be someone who always wanted readers. I wanted to make money and then I came to a couple realizations. I blog for me. Here's why.

I have a horrible memory!
I've never been one to remember anything for very long, unless it's a huge "thing". If you ask me what I had for dinner yesterday I'd have to refer to my husband. He would know, I wouldn't. I'm not saying I don't have childhood memories but they're scattered. I have friends who will tell me about something that we did as children and I lie about knowing what they're talking about because I'd feel horrible telling them I don't remember. 

Getting things off my chest!
I'm not saying there isn't someone here, in my home, that I can vent to but when I plan out my thoughts and write them down I feel so much better. I don't know what it is about writing things down that makes them leave my system. I know, thus far, I haven't ranted as much as I normally do but, trust me, when the time comes I will have a lot to say.

I blog because I enjoy it!
I've had quite a few blogs in the time that I've been blogging. It all started when my grandfather had a stroke and I just couldn't grasp that we might lose him. I cried to my husband, I cried to my mom, but nothing helped until I started writing things down. Since that first blog, on LiveJournal, I've gone through 5 blogs. Each time I end up shutting it down because I think I'm over blogging. Each time, obviously, I come back because I just can't fathom not blogging.

I want to tell the truth!
I may blog about every topic under the sun, and every topic I blog about is something someone else blogs about, but I am so tired of reading about things that are wonderful and then being horribly disappointed when I try them and they're horrible. If I can save just one person from buying something that really isn't worth their money I've done my job. I've bought makeup on the request of people I've never met and hated it. Telling someone else my experience, and it being the truth because I'm not getting paid to say what I say, will at least give them another point of view.

All in all I blog because I truly love to blog. It may be "out of style" and "a 20 something game" but I'll probably be blogging until I can no longer type.

Monday, May 20, 2013

My Bad Habit

I have a really bad habit of not sticking with a design once I've chosen one. You'll now notice that my header is in the sidebar. I'm not sure that I like it there and will probably change it again soon. To what, I'm not sure.

Stick with me as I feed my need for change.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Influenster - Palmolive Soft Touch

Back in January I signed up for a website called Influenster. If you're not sure who they are here's a little description straight from their website.

Influenster [in-floo-uhn-ster]

An exclusive online community where tastemakers and trendsetters (such as yourself) come to share the latest and greatest news, places, products, and reviews with each other. 2. The hotspot you just bookmarked on your web browser that turns your social influence into sweet rewards.

Basically, Influenster is a place for culture junkies to come together and share their unique opinions of products and experiences. Active members of Influenster get exclusive access to deals, promotions, and swag from brands that thrive off the input (the good, the bad, and the ugly -- they just want to know what's up).

Each time you get a box from Influenster there are mandatory and optional tasks for you to complete. One of the optional task was to do an unboxing video so I thought I'd do that.

Like I said in the video I've already used the pink one. They're both designed to be softer on your hands than normal dishwashing liquid. I'm always hesitant to believe those claims because I've yet to find one that doesn't leave my hands feeling dry after hand washing the dishes.

The first thing I have to say is that this dish soap does not lather up as well as I'd like it to. It took quite a bit to even produce suds. After washing the dishes I dried my hands and noticed a marginal difference in how soft my hands normally feel afterward. Generally I have to put lotion on to keep my hands from feeling like they're going to crack. The urge to put on lotion, after using the dish soap, wasn't as strong as normal but I still felt the need to use some lotion.

My overall opinion is that it works but not as well as it could. I wouldn't purchase the Palmolive with Vitamin E.

 I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Beauty All Around

It's always been hard for me to admit that I live in such a beautiful state. As long as I can remember I've wanted to leave Utah because of how boring I think this state is. I always take for granted the beauty that has been placed around me. Here are only a few examples of what I'm talking about.

I live 30 minutes away from this.

Zion National Park: Source
I'm two hours away from these.

Bryce Canyon National Park: Source

Grand Canyon National Park: Source

Lake Powell: Source

Arches National Park: Source
There is so much more that I could list (among them are Canyonlands, Monument Valley & the Four Corners, and Moab) so why do I always think I live in such a horrible place?

Is there something you take for granted in the state you live in?

On another note you're probably reading this while I take my mother here for her mother's day present. (This is only 2 hours away)

Las Vegas by Night: Source

Friday, May 10, 2013

DIY Grout Cleaner (Pin Tested)

Every time I go onto Pinterest I see a million "the most amazing homemade cleaner I've ever used" captions under photos. I've taken to trying quite a few of these and, over time, I plan to tell you the truth. I've already posted about the orange vinegar cleaner and I'm here to tell you about a grout cleaner.

I know you can purchase grout cleaners at the hardware store but I'm always up for making things with stuff I have at home. I found this recipe online and thought it sounded simple enough. The woman's site I pinned this from had horrible grout lines and hers came super clean. Here's the obligatory before photo.

My grout lines aren't all that dirty but they aren't as clean as they should be.
So here's the deal. You mix equal parts vinegar, salt, and baking soda (which is fun because the baking soda reacts with the vinegar and, yea, I'm getting off track) mix it well and spread it evenly over your grout lines.

I admit I put quite a bit more than I probably should have but it made up my mind after I was done.
Wait 20 minutes and scrub. The original post said that a scrub brush, originally used for laundry, was the tool. I didn't have a single scrub brush so I used a semi-old medium bristle toothbrush. I scrubbed each line for almost 5 minutes and then cleaned up what was left. Now for the always shocking after photo.

This was taken hours after so the grout had a chance to dry.
Wait, that's not very shocking is it? While I can tell that they are a little bit cleaner I think they should be a lot cleaner considering how long I scrubbed. This specific grout line no longer looks filthy, it just looks spotty. I attempted to clean another couple of spots with absolutely no luck. You can still clearly see the spots in the grout.

I'm assuming this is actually stained, now that I look at it, and not just dirty.
While it does get the grout lines a little bit cleaner I don't feel it's worth the time on my hands and knees cleaning. If you've got a small amount of tile in your home this might be worth your time. In my home, however, I would assume there's 1000 (+ or -) sq ft  of tile. This could take days, if not weeks, in my home.

Have you tried a DIY grout cleaner that works? 
Have you tried a commercial grout cleaner that works? 
I'm not one for using bleach on grout because it is porous but have you used bleach on colored grout with good results?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Stop Blaming The Gun (& Other Gun Related Stuff)

I'll start this post with a couple of warnings. I'm an avid gun lover, gun owner, and detest the assault that's going down on my second amendment rights in this country right now. If that's not something you're into then please feel free to leave right now. You're not going to hurt my feelings. I'm also not going to be quoting any laws or making myself look like I know more than I do. I'm simply going to state my opinion, give you some links you can visit, and leave it at that.


When you know someone that's been in a car accident do you blame the car? Not likely. It wasn't the car that got drunk and drove into oncoming traffic. It wasn't the car that was reading that text and swerved off the road plowing into a tree. It wasn't the car that couldn't pull over to take care of the crying child in the back seat. It was the person inside the car. Blame them.

When you see someone that's grossly overweight do you blame the spoon/fork/food? Nope. The fork didn't shove it's way into their mouth, force them to chew, and make them swallow that 5000 calorie meal. It wasn't the spoon the shoved the ice cream down their throat night after night. The food didn't magically appear in their mouth holding a gun to their dangly thingy (yes dangly thingy) making them eat. They put the food in their mouth, they ate it, and they didn't care to get up and work it off. It's the fault of the person who's overweight. Blame them.

When 9/11 happened did you blame the plane? The plane didn't kill the pilot and mysteriously make it's way to NYC and crash into the World Trade Center towers. The plane didn't choose who was on it when this tragic event happened. It was the people who hijacked the plane. Blame them.

If you're reading this and you're opposed to what I have to say then you're probably shaking your head saying that these mass shootings and 9/11 have nothing in common. All I have to say is you bet they do.

Without the distraction the likelihood of any vehicle accidents happening is greatly reduced if not eliminated. The vehicle was only a tool.

Without the drive to get up and work off the calories they intake there would be no reason for a person to be overweight. I know. I am overweight. It's my fault.

Without the hijackers those planes would have, MORE THAN LIKELY, made it safely to their destinations and we wouldn't have lost thousands of people who didn't deserve to die. The plane was only a tool.

Without the individual behind the gun at Sandy Hook/Columbine/Aurora you would have had an overpriced paper weight.

The last point I have to make is a simple one. What makes you think that eliminating high capacity magazines and banning these horrible weapons is going to make any criminal stop and say "Well, they're not legal now so I guess I have to stop using it." If you think that's the case you're only fooling yourself. Did you know, and this is a fact I know, that Columbine happened during the Clinton administrations assault weapons ban? I don't care how he got the gun the fact of the matter is he got it. He got it illegally. That's all that matters. 


If you're up for watching some videos or reading some specifically chosen pieces (and yes I only chose things that back up my point of view) then follow any of the links below.

Women using a shotgun vs using an AR-15 (I'm a big woman. I can't even use a shotgun without hurting myself.)
What Liberals Need To Understand About Gun Guys - This is from the point of view of Jewish Democrat and a former staff writer for The New Yorker
The Truth About Firearms & Suicide - It seems that everyone likes to lump suicides into the gun death toll
This mans son was killed at Sandy Hook and he's still pro-gun.

Monday, May 6, 2013

What To Expect When You're NOT Expecting

I get it all.

"You don't want kids? Why? What's wrong with you? There's a hole that can only be filled by having children!" I've even gotten a "You know you can't get into heaven if you don't have children, right?" No, seriously, someone had the nerve to say those exact words to me.

Let me start by stating the obvious.


This has very little to do with being afraid of bringing a child into this horribly sadistic world. I simply have no desire to change the life I've got now. I have a wonderful husband, a life of leisure, and money to spare. Why would I want to mess that up?

I would also raise my child the way I think a child should be raised. According to most of society, however, my methods are horrible and abusive. I would spank my child which I do not believe to be a form of child abuse. All this "go to your room and think about what you've done" crap does NOT work. My child would not have any gaming systems. They would have outdoor activities and outdoor activities only. They wouldn't get a cell phone, I'd never buy them a car, and they'd have to wait until they were 18 to get their drivers license.

I don't want to wake up in the middle of the night to the smell of crap. I'm not in the mood to change my alarm clock tone to the horrible barfing sound. There is NOT a hole in my heart/life/world because there aren't any children in it. I WILL get into heaven without the presence of a eighteen year long, money grubbing, shit factory in my life. I will not apologize for my way of thinking when it comes to children. 

People of the world ... those who want this can keep this!!

As long as I can give them back when they start crying, stinking, throwing up, or doing anything other than smiling and laughing at me I absolutely adore children.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Orange Vinegar Cleaner (Pin Tested)

I'm a huge Pinterest lover. I've tried quite a few DIY projects I found through Pinterest. The most recent one was the orange peels in vinegar cleaner. I was excited because my husband hates the smell of vinegar and I was hoping it would make it a little easier when I did a massive clean on our tile floors. I know most of the pins say to put it in a spray bottle and use it to clean counters and things like that so I tried that before attempting it on the floors. This had to be a great cleaner with so many pins and likes and rave reviews right?


Here are the problems I had with this cleaner.

I had 6 orange peels in with my vinegar and still, after 2 weeks, all I could smell was vinegar.

The orange peels soaked up so much of the vinegar that I only got half of what I put in, out. I had to dilute the cleaner down to even make it usable

The product that did come out (even after I diluted it) was a beautiful orange color and, when used, the stickiest crap I've ever sprayed anywhere. I had to re clean everything it touched because it left a horribly tacky residue.

With the amount I got out of the jar I would have only been able to clean my counters a few more times before I'd have to make more. I can't eat that many oranges in such a short period of time.

Pinterest cleaning folks you have failed me, this time.

Friday, April 12, 2013

About Kindess & How I'm All Out Of It Today

I am all out of kindness today and that kindness ran out at around 11am. I went in to get a cup of coffee, or Chai Tea, and I asked for an extra shot today. It was one of those days. When I got out to my car I tasted what should have been a fantastic "Dirty Chai" only to find that it lacked it's dirtiness. Needless to say I wasn't happy but at this point I was OK. I still had a little kindness left in me. When I told the barista the problem I was met with "well I did put a shot in so I'm not sure what the problem is". Uh ... I know what espresso tastes like and there isn't a drop to be found in this drink. I politely stated that no, there wasn't a shot. This time I was told "well I'll put another shot in but I don't know if you'll like that". No you won't put another shot in. You'll put the original shot, that was supposed to be there in the first place, in. I was there glared at. No, seriously, glared at while she put the shot in. Of course me being me glared right back. When I finally got my drink, after more back and forth than I mentioned before, I smugly looked at the barista and with a horrible f-you tone to my voice said "NOW there's a shot in there". 

Needless to say it took all the kindness I had left not to jump over the counter, wrap my hands around her neck (and I just tried to spell neck with a K at the beginning), and choke the smug life out of her.

Kindness leaves me quickly when I'm challenged and I know I'm right.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Family (& How Some Of The Members Can Suck)

I live within 250 miles of all 40+ members on my mother's side of the family.  Everyone likes to pretend that they get along with everyone else. I, however, do not pretend to care for all of them.

I wish I could say that I didn't have any family members that sucked but, alas, I do. 

One of my uncles, and a friend of his, built a house and due to circumstances out of my control I had to leave the house I was currently in. Thankfully the uncle's house was available. My husband and I were told that we could live there until we purchased our own home, which would have been a 4 to 5 year stretch. We paid a good amount of rent, kept the place clean, and were not bothersome. We even helped finish the house. We painted, cleaned things up, and made sure everything was in good working order. Eighteen months later my uncle kicked us out, knowing we had no place to go, so he could move from his smaller home into the one we were in. Not only that his friend is paying for everything. My uncle is living rent free with no bills because he's a heartless bastard who felt taking advantage of his family wasn't a big deal. He lied to me every chance he got and I had to find out from another family member, who supported what he did to me (saying my uncle deserved it because he didn't make much money and we needed to get over it because my husband makes good money), what he'd done. I am now expected to forget what he did, without so much as an acknowledgment that he is a leech and a douchebag, so that I'm not the asshole that doesn't attend family functions.


Family. You don't have to like them, you don't even have to love them, but don't pretend that all is well when you know damn well it's not.