Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Wrap Up

I see posts like these done a lot on blogs and I think, not just for my readers but for myself, I'm going to start doing a monthly wrap up.

Left: Tanner. Top: Mister. Bottom: Missy
October has been a great month. On the 28th I turned 31. On the 26th my triplets (left) turned 2. On another note my aunt's birthday was the 29th as was one of my cousin's. October is a busy month in my family tree.

We're finally getting our house together and purchasing all the things we've been needing, like a real bedroom set (which doesn't get delivered until Friday the 2nd) and comfortable sofas. Speaking of getting things together for the house, or at least for our property, we've gotten numerous bids from contractors for the shop we want to build. It's almost as if they think we're in a boom again. They're crazy.

I'm crocheting a blanket for my husband and I. It's an oversized king, measuring 114" by 97", so that we won't fight over the blanket anymore. My husband picked the colors before I said anything. They just happen to be my high school colors. You can find the pattern HERE. Although when I made the blanket I added a chain 2 at the end of the first row. She came up one chain short and by adding the chain 2 at the end I was dead on.

We got our boat winterized, which means no spur of the moment trips to the lake. I'm actually OK with that. I've had enough of the boat for one summer. I know by the end of winter I'm going to want to be out on the boat as soon as possible.

I'm excited for November. I'm one of those people that valiantly celebrates every holiday and gets quite irate when stores seem to just skip them. Thanksgiving seems to be the one that gets overlooked. I love Thanksgiving. I get to eat, a lot. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fitting In

For me, blogging in my 20's was about fitting into whatever mold I could force myself to fit into.

Now, as I approach 31, I feel like fitting in isn't something I'm willing to do.

My life is fantastic, and I'm so full of energy and love, but I was having an issue when it came to feeling like I was good enough to remain a part of this blogging world. When it came right down to it I also couldn't see myself NOT being a part of this community. I thought about the prospect of starting a new blog for a long time (OK, like a month but that's a long time without a single thought of my blog) but there wasn't anything specific that I wanted to blog about.

I maintained a personal blog for a long time but I've lost interest in only blogging about my 2 visits to Starbucks everyday. No, seriously, that's what my day is like more often than not. While keeping that blog on the back burner I kept attempting to make separate blogs about all my different loves. That didn't work either. I'm a one blog girl. With that in mind I'm also a crafter, an avid reader, a makeup junkie, a wife, mother to 5 dogs, jobless with no prospects, (and that's by choice at this point) cynical, pessimistic, and very opinionated.  How could I blog about all of that within the parameters of one blog? How could I not blog about all of that without making myself feel lost? Unfortunately for a lot of critics, and bloggers alike, I fit into that "she blogs about everything" category which, according to many, is not a category at all. Even if it were, according to others, it wouldn't be one that someone would want to fit in. Well, guess what, that's where I fit so there's where I'm putting myself.

What's the next step after figuring out that you don't want 6 blogs on assorted topics?

The always dreaded (since most are taken) coming up with a name.

I thought about naming this new blog "killing my own time" but I didn't want to make it sound like what I was doing was a waste of time in my eyes. Then, as always, I wanted to sound smart. I tried using the words adept and multifaceted and the only thing that accomplished was a perfectly pretentious sounding blog name. My last, and final (obviously), option came when I thought about how everything had changed around the time I turned 30. Do you know how hard it is to come up with a blog name, that isn't already taken, about blogging in your 30's? Fortunately with this name I won't have to change it, if I'm still blogging, when I turn 40.

So instead of a personal blog about what others might see as my boring life I'm going to talk about a lot of things. I'm going to blog about crochet projects I'm working on, books I'm reading, caring for a special needs animals (I have a Min Pin who's blind and diabetic) being a stay at home wife with a stay at home husband (which is something most people don't understand) and whole slue of other things. I really truly hope you stick around.