Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What's App?

Ha, get it, what's app? Kinda a play on what's up? Anyway, my crazy brain decided that it wanted to talk about my favorite apps right now.

(I am in no way associated with any company, person, or game (including but not limited to Apple & iTunes) mentioned in this post. Just wanted to say that before someone tried to say I was attempting to sell these apps through this post.)

My most recent purchase from the App store was a game that took me less than 4 hours to complete. It's called The Room. First let me say the graphics for the game, even on my iPhone 4s, are outstanding. You're stuck in a room with a large, locked, chest in front of you. The object is to get what's inside the chest by working through clues. Once you're inside there is another box, with another box inside, that you have to figure out how to open. If you're into critical thinking games THIS game is the perfect one for you. My only disappointment was that it was so short. At the end there's a clue to the fact that there's going to be more levels. I'm really hoping so because for $1.99 I would expect a little more.

Second would be Tiny Wings. As the name suggest you're a bird with very tiny wings. You can't fly very far but that's where the valley's help. If you dip into the valley perfectly, three times in a row, you fly farther when you peak. Does that make sense? There was a free version of this game and I loved it so much that I purchased the full version. I believe it was only $.99.

SpellTower is a mix of Scrabble & Tetris & a word search. As you can see in the graphic above you drag across letters to make words. Each time you make a word another layer of letters comes from the bottom. Don't let the letters hit the top or the game is over. There are different difficulties as well. This app was also $1.99. It's loads of fun though.

Lastly, Flow. I laugh every time I think of the name of this game. That's just my twisted mind though. Anyway, this game is great. The object is to fill the entire screen by connecting the colored dots together. You cannot overlap colors and if you have to correct a line your moves counter takes that into consideration making you come in that many above the flows counter. They also have a flow bridges but it's not as fun. This app was free but you have the option of purchasing add ons. 

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  1. I'll have to look into these - believe it or not I've had an iphone for a year, and I don't have ANY games! I need to change that!


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