Monday, December 10, 2012

Stupid Things That Drive Me Crazy

Whenever I think I'm normal I start to think about the stupid things that drive me absolutely bats**t crazy.

1. When the toilet paper roll is in the over position. In the illustration below B is the over position. I cannot HANDLE when someone puts the roll of that way. There is no rational reason why I despise it so much but I do. When my husband's younger brother was living with us his bathroom was also the common bathroom in the house. The first rule I dictated to him was that if he put the roll on the wrong way I'd toss him out on his butt. I am terrible, I know.

Photo Courtesy Of Sodahead
2. My husband, if he read my blog, would totally point and me and scream "YES" after this one. I cannot stand when the screws that hold the switch plates, or outlet plates, on are not straight up and down. Before I even hung photos in my house I went through with a flat head screwdriver and made all the screw slots uniform by standing them vertical.

3. Photos are another thing that absolutely bother me. If they're crooked I will spend every waking second trying to figure out how to straighten them. I just can't look at, or be in the same room as, a photo that's not straight. On a visit to my dentists office I refused to go back to the exam room until I had a photo straight. They thought I was nuts.

4. Hangers that are hung and wrap around the back of the rod. That just doesn't make sense to me.

I'm sure there's more but those 4 items are the worst offenders.

Do you have any stupid things that drive you crazy?


  1. My toilet paper rolls have to be in the B position! lol and as far as #4, I've heard it's a great way to keep track of what you do and don't actually wear.

    It drives me crazy when someone puts glasses on the bottom rack of the dishwasher.

    1. That's something that drives my husband crazy. He's a dishwasher nazi. If things aren't in a precise position inside the dishwasher he goes berserk.


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