Saturday, December 1, 2012

November Wrap Up

This past month was amazing. We've added a bunch of things to our house. We bought a bedroom set, new living room furniture, and a new washer and dryer.

We went out on Black Friday and my husband bought me an beautiful new sewing machine. You can read about it HERE.

If you look at the very top of the right sidebar I made myself a social media follow bar thingamabob.

I found sites similar to Ravelry (a knitting and crocheting community) that are sewing related. We All Sew and My Sewing Circle.

I was good with my Friday Favorites and posted one every week. I suggest you check them out. Two weeks, or so, ago (Nov 23rd) I posted one that will change your life, I promise.

I started following a couple new blogs. Raspy Wit and Oh, Just Living The Dream. Raspy Wit is, well, just that. Her latest post was why she is banned from Ebay. It's HILARIOUS! On Oh, Just Living The Dream there's a post that really hits close to home for me. It's about blogging for you and keeping yourself out of "blog competition".

I still haven't even come close to being 1/4 of the way done with the blanket I've been working on for myself and my husband. It's still on my hook.

Thanksgiving dinner was fantastic. My husband and I spent it at home, alone, with no one else, quiet, ... can you tell that's how I like things?

I've put up some Christmas lights (no picture, sorry) and I'm looking forward to this year coming to a close so that I can make pointless resolutions that I won't keep! That's not meant to sound horribly condescending, it's just the truth!

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