Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My Horrible Pattern Reading Skills

So I'm making my first piece on my new sewing machine. I bought a Butterick pattern the other day and it's full of sewing room accessories. I decided to make a sewing machine organizer which, if you wanted to know, sits under the sewing machine, hangs over the end of the table, and has 3 pockets that sit right in front of you while you're sewing. The pockets serve to keep everything right in front of you instead of all over the place.

I digress.

The instructions, which I read through before cutting the project, where clear as day but when it came down to actually figuring them out my brain took a vacation.

Top pieces (x2) are for the front and back. Bottom section is for the pockets.
I had to cut 2 pieces for the front and back and one section for the pockets.

The top edge is folded along the fold line and then tucked under 1/4" to create a nice edge.
Once they were cut I had to fold over the top of the pockets, creating a cuff of sorts, so that the top edge of the pocket was neat instead of being a raw edge of fabric.

Tell me how clear these instructions are and then explain to why it took me 20 minutes to understand what they were saying.

2. Turn upper edge of pocket 16 to inside along fold line, turning under 1/4" on raw edge. (That's pretty clear isn't it? Fold the fabric along the fold line and then fold under the raw edge 1/4.)

The next step, which I obviously haven't gotten to yet says the following.

3. Pin pocket to one front and back section, matching stitching lines and small circles; baste.

For some reason my brain thought that meant I needed to baste (pin it, loosely hand, or machine, stitch one piece to another piece) piece number 16 to the back of one #17 piece and to the front of the other. In my mind I was so confused because this would mean I couldn't turn my pieces to the wrong side when sewing. However any sane person would read that and say "Oh, yea. Pin piece 16 to ONE of the #17 pieces you cut and move on from there."

I had to call my husband into the room, a husband that's never read a pattern, and he had to sit me down and explain step by step what it meant. Once it finally clicked I felt so stupid, and so relieved that I finally understood, that I had to leave it alone so I didn't screw anything else up for the night.

This pattern reading is NOT turning out to be my thing. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it but having such a hard (or slightly brain missing) time with my first pattern isn't setting a good tone!

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