Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Favorites

It's another week of a million and one sewing sites. I finally tackled my first project, which you can read about in my horrible pattern reading skills post, and am about to finish it up. It's a really small project but I'm still happy with the results.

I'm going to list, with a description of each, the sewing sites I found this week.

All Free Sewing is sort of like Crochet Pattern Central. (which is the same but for crochet)
Craftsy is a site with free mini classes, and some patterns, but it's not only for sewing. The teach everything from crochet, knitting, and jewelry
Me Sew Crazy is a blog full of sewing tutorials. She also sells her creations on Etsy.
Sew Many Ways is another blog full of tutorials. Also I have horrible, uncontrollable, craft room envy.
Sewaholic is ... well I'm sure you understand. I stumbled upon her blog while trying to find out how to make my pattern pieces last longer.
Michelle Patterns has a great tutorial on how to make a awesome looking seam using a slip stitch.
Lastly the Sharp Crochet Hook. This would be an amazing gift for any seamstress that also crochets. I will, WILL, convince my husband to let me buy this hook.

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