Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What's On My Hook (#1)

Last Christmas my husband bought me an "I taught myself crochet" book by Boye. Once I picked up the basic techniques there hasn't been anything that can stop me. I'm officially a hooker. (I've really been itching to use that term, can't you tell)

I found the pattern for my most recent project through Ravelry. If you're a knitter or a crocheter this is the site for you. Anywho, the pattern came from Attic24 and it's called granny stripes. If you've got basic knowledge of crochet you can make this blanket. The only thing I have to say about the pattern is that at the end of the chain I added 2 stitches. So make your chain in groups of 3 BUT add 2 stitches at the end and proceed just as her pattern states. She said that she was short one stitch without adding 2 stitches at the end. I wasn't.

Note: You can start by using the foundation chain technique BUT you're going to add only one extra foundation stitch at the end. EX: If you determine you need 120 stitches and you're just chaining them, and not using the foundation chain method, you'd actually chain 122. With the foundation chain you're going to add one extra making it 121 foundation stitches.

So, onto the photos. My husband chose the colors, red and black, without realizing that those are my school colors. I'm quite excited about this blanket. Understand, this is just the beginning, I don't have much done at this point.


I'm using Bernat Super Value yarn in Berry (which looks a little orange in these photos but I promise it's not) and black. It's a softer yarn than Red Heart but not the softest I've felt. I'm using a size H hook (5mm). The blanket, when finished, will measure 114" wide and, hopefully, 97" tall. That's enough to cover my king sized bed with enough room to spare.


See that black line laying across that black blanket, seeing as how I can't pick a background to save my life apparently, that's what I've gotten done. I'm working on row 3 right now and am more than half way done with that. It's not that it takes long but my hands get very cramped after working on it for too long. I need to find a may to make my hooks more ergonomic or find gloves that will ease the pain in my hands. Boy I sound old.

Well, that's what's on my hook right now. If you crochet tell me what's on your hook.

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