Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm Still Moving In

My husband and I bought a house back in July and now, in November, I feel like I'm still moving in.


This is my office. Well, this is supposed to be my office/craft room. I can't do anything in here aside from get on the computer. Just to the left of the PC, the one of the bookshelf, there's a patch that needs to be painted. I haven't even done that yet.


This is our guest bedroom. Nearly 4 months have passed and I can't have guests. It takes 20 minutes to put the bed together and I just haven't felt like doing it.


There are no words to describe how badly organized this garage is. Thank goodness the 2 car isn't cluttered.

I haven't really cleaned my house at all. Yes I've vacuumed and yes I've done the dishes and all the basic stuff but ... that's it. Since we moved in I think I've mopped the floor twice.

It's unbelievable how long it's taking to actually move in.

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