Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I Have A Makeup Problem

I'm not a beauty guru. I'm not a makeup artist. I rarely every wear makeup because I just don't like to take the time to put it on. I, however, have a huge problem when it comes to makeup.

I buy too much.

Here's a great example. October 27th, 2012. My husband took me down to Vegas for my birthday. We only live a couple hours away so it's not that big of a deal that we went. The first thought in my head, before every thinking about where I wanted him to take me to dinner, was that I had to go to the M.A.C store, and Sephora, and any other makeup store I ran into on our way up the strip. Why? No reason just I wanted to buy stuff. What stuff? Anything I set my eyes on that I think will look good on anyone, not just myself. I spent $80 at the mac store on products that look exactly like products I already have at home.

That's my main problems when purchasing makeup. I don't care if it looks good on me. If it looks good, period, I'm probably going to buy it. The other problem is I buy higher end cosmetics. It's not a problem financially but when you spend money of more expensive items I'm sure you actually want to be able to use them.

I have blushes that, when I put on, I can't even tell exist on my skin. Like this two from M.A.C.
Photo by me
I'm sure they'd be beautiful on someone with darker skin but they completely disappear on my skin.

There's also these 2 eyeshadows from Bare Minerals. Yes, they're stunning but I cannot pull them off. I have tried numerous times but they just don't work on me.

Photo by me
Lastly, all these products from M.A.C. None of them, and I repeat none of them, work well on me. The pigment is far too dark and makes my eyes look sunken in. The paint pot just doesn't go well with my eyes and the eyeshadow makes me look like I'm sick.

Photo by me
I bought every last one of these products because they looked good in the package. In this post there is over $120 worth of product that I don't wear and will probably never wear. It's sad, really, that I have this kind of problem. I can control myself with anything else beauty related (if you don't count Lush products in that category) but not makeup.

This is a problem that, I'm sure, isn't going away any time soon. Just this year an Ulta opened up near by and, although he's good at holding me back at times, my husband has a way of feeding my addictions. Well it's more me manipulating him into the frenzy then him willingly coming along.

Manipulation. That's a "whole 'nother topic" though.


  1. 1) I also have this problem- but with lip products. I easily have over 50+ lip products, and about 15 aren't even open yet. Some are as old as 10 years but I refuse to throw them away. I typically carry about 3-5 different products in my purse everywhere I go! I like variety.

    2) Any idea what you are going to do with all those eye makeups you won't be using? Perhaps giving them away....hint hint? :D Or selling them to some lucky (or dumb) person such as myself??

    1. I may do a giveaway soon. If so I'll be sure to let you know!


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